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Free affirmation card with every order šŸ˜
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10
Spiritual Jewelry
Spiritual Jewelry

Spiritual Jewelry

  • Unique Products from 44+ Countries
  • Customers rate Spiru 9/10


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We purchase our products very carefully from reputable suppliers around the world. For example, we support projects that give women fair opportunities in various developing countries to combat discrimination and provide safe and good working conditions.

Jewelry decorates the body by means of a special form, meaning or a special material. The most common types of jewellery are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. They often contain 925 silver, brass, copper, goldĀ or other metals. Also popular are organic materials such as seeds, wood, been, coral, crystal and precious stones. Jewellery often has a symbolic meaning for the wearer. The jewelry can itself contain a symbol, but the material or the way it is worn can also be meaningful.

Jewellery with meaning
Chains, bracelets, earrings and pendants all have their own history. For example, chains often symbolize value and wealth. Bead necklaces used to be used for payment and counting in some cultures and for prayer in others . Bracelets then give a special status or remember to something important. Earrings are the oldest piercings in the world. The ring is the same sign of loyalty. Rings show connection with something or someone. Therefore, jewelry always has a meaning, whether intentional or secret!

Spiritual Jewelry
Spiritual jewelry contains a spiritual symbol or material. Familiar spiritual signs are the seven Chakras, Lotus, Tree of Life, Flower of Life and the Ohm sign. The shape of the jewelry sometimes has meaning as well. This is especially true of jewellery with a ritual function, such asMala’sorTibetan rings. You can wear them, but you can also use them during meditation. Magnetic Jewelry and Lucky Pendants are then used as talisman or amulet. So people don’t just wear them for decorative purposes, they also wear them for protection. So, there is a jewel for every ritual!

Precious jewelry
Gemstones and minerals have been used in spiritual jewelry for centuries. This is because for many people they have symbolic power and meaning. They remind us of wishes or intents. Some people also feel energy with gemstones. Others find it special that something so beautiful comes from the earth. For them, a crystal brings the nature closer. Whatever your reason, gemstone jewellery is always a special purchase!

Giving jewellery as a gift
Jewelry is great to wear, but just as much fun to give away. Especially when they have a special meaning. Spiru therefore not only has affordable gemstone jewellery in its assortment, but also completeJewelry Sets. Would you rather give a selfmadegift? Take a look at ourBeads & Basting material. There you will find beautiful crystal beads for your personal creations. Another Jewellery box, bag or giftboxwith it and your gift is ready! Are you looking for jewelry with a large size or robust look? You can find them at our Male Jewelry. For your favourite men or if you like a cool style. Rather a sunny and colourful gift? Take a look at our Boho Jewelry. So you will always find a personal present!

Jewellery collection from Spiru
At Spiru all preferences and wishes are available. We have jewellery with spiritual signs such as Ohm Jewellery, Tree of Life Jewellery, Flower of Life Jewellery and Chakra Jewellery. Our Tibetan Jewelry, Mala’s and Magnetic Jewelry also contain special materials such as Tibetan Silver and natural beads. Your personal style can be found at Boho or Male Jewelry. Rather a piece of jewelry with stone power? Take a look at our Gemstone Bracelets, Hangers, Chains, Rings and Earrings. Hoped out? Then store your jewellery in one of our crafts Jewelry Boxes. So your treasures stay beautiful for a long time. Whatever you choose, your spiritual jewelry collection starts at Spiru!