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Bead necklaces are necklaces made of gemstone beads. These can be round or other cut beads, but also polished beads in a natural shape.

The symbolic bead cord

The symbolic bead cord

A bead necklace is the most famous necklace shape and has been worn for centuries. You might also call it a necklace, bead cord or collier. That is French for ‘necklace’. Beads have a special history. Bead necklaces were used for example by Incas, Mayas and Aztecs in accounting. Telling with beads is of course more common, think of an abacus. Or, of course, to a prayer cord such as a rosary or mala!
Therefore, precious beads used to be used as a means of exchange in the trade. Beads can therefore indicate a symbolic value. In some African peoples, girls therefore wear necklaces with beads from their worshippers. The number of beads indicates how attractive she is. For example, bead necklaces have a lot to do with richness and status. But also with counting prayers or mantras. And they have spiritual value!

Skinds and materials

Spiru has an extensive range of bead necklaces. There you will find traditional necklaces with round beads in one type of stone, but also cords with different bead creations. The beads can be cut around or facet, but also of course like a split bead or nugget. This way you will always find a necklace that suits your needs!

Choosing a gemstone bead necklace

Gemstone bead necklaces are therefore very special. Not only are they beautiful, they also have symbolic value. That’s because crystals have a special meaning for many people. So choose a stone that represents for you the beautiful things in life. Then you soon feel rich!