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Tree of Life Pendants

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Tree of Life Pendant

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol used to represent the cohesion of life on Earth. Several religions and philosophies tell of this cosmic or sacred tree, including those of the Druids, Babylonians, Norwegians, Greeks, Celts, and Chinese. To this day, pendants with this Tree of Life are worn to celebrate and honor existence.

Meaning Tree of Life Pendant

In many traditions, the Tree of Life refers to the connection between heaven and earth. In addition, because of its advanced age, the Tree of Life symbol is an example of growth, life experience, and wisdom. The Tree of Life also has meaning as a symbol of ancestry and family bonds.

Tree of Life Pendant as a Gift

The Tree of Life is an ancient and popular gift. As these trees are associated with personal and spiritual growth, they are given at important events such as marriages, housewarmings, and births. In addition, many people see the Tree of Life as a talisman of protection. In some old Dutch houses, for example, you will find a cast iron tree of life in the framework above the door, which is said to watch over the residents. You can also give a Tree of Life Pendant (gold ones are beautiful as gifts) to a loved one or someone else close to you. The Tree of Life also symbolizes infinity and can therefore offer comfort in sad times. You can read more about its symbolism around the world in our blog Tree of Life: Be Inspired by the Spiritual ‘Evergreen’.

Tree of Life in Different Traditions

Below you will find an explanation of the spiritual meaning of the:

  • Celtic Tree of Life Pendant
  • Norwegian Tree of Life Pendant

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant

The Celts called the Tree of Life Crann Bethadh and always gave it a physical place in their settlements. When they set up their residence, they left one tree in the open space. Not only did they enjoy its beauty, it also served as a gathering place for people and animals. The Celts therefore believed that this tree had special powers and that the gods used it as a means of communication. Damaging it was punished and every community had to have a Tree of Life. In times of war, the enemy’s tree was cut down to celebrate a victory. The Celtic Tree of Life Pendant is therefore also a symbol of victory.

Yggdrasil Tree of Life Pendant – The Norse Tradition

The Norwegian Tree of Life Pendant is officially called Yggdrasil, which can be translated as ‘horse of Yggr’ or ‘horse of Odin’. According to Norse myths, the supreme god Odin hung upside down on this Tree of Life for nine days in exchange for wisdom. Also, images of this symbolic tree are filled with references to the cosmos as the Vikings envisioned it. For example, according to the stories, it is rooted in different worlds and there are mythical monsters and animals on her branches.

Buy Tree of Life Pendants and Other Jewelry at Spiru

At Spiru you can choose from a large collection of Tree of Life Pendants; silver, brass, copper, gold, gemstone, and wood pendants are all in our collection. If you’re looking for a unique tree of life pendant that suits you perfectly, then you are in the right place! For example maybe a chakra tree of life crystal pendant, with gemstones representing each chakra would really help you to root your energy and get grounded! If one tree isn’t enough for you and you’d like to ‘branch out’ with your look, complete it with a matching Tree of Life Bracelet. Or take a look at the inspiring Flower of Life Pendants and Flower of Life Bracelets. This ancient symbol has a lot in common with the Tree of Life. You can shop for all your spiritual jewelry at Spiru!