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Tibetan Bracelets

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Tibetan Bracelets

Tibetan bracelets are made from the most unique and natural materials. For example Tibetan silver and precious stones. Or wood and seeds from the Bodhi Tree. This is the tree under which the Buddha reached his enlightenment. Are you ready for a similar moment of peace and enlightenment?

Materials and Types

In our collection of Tibetan Bracelets there is a lot of variation. There are bracelets of 925 silver or Tibetan silver. Other metals have also been used such as white metal and copper. We have also used traditional shells, pearls, bodhi tree seeds, wood and sandalwood especially for you.  Furthermore, we have the finest gems in our bracelets processed. This gives each bracelet an authentic look. It doesn’t matter if you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Yoga fanatic or collector of beautiful bracelets. There is something for everyone!


The best known Buddhist symbols can be found in our assortment such as “Om Mani Padme Hum“. This well-known mantra means “We honour the jewel in the Lotus”. The jewel here refers to wisdom and to Availokiteshvara. This Buddha is, according to many, the model of compassion. We also have bracelets with a small relief of our favorite deities, Buddhas and bodhisattva’s.

What Tibetan bracelet suits me?
At Spiru you can buy handmade bracelets in all shapes and sizes. Also choose a bracelet with a color that suits you. Expand your consciousness with one of our beautiful bracelets! Take a look at our unique Shamballa Bracelets or our beautiful Mala Bracelets..


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