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Gemstone Beads

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Gemstone Beads

At Spiru you can buy many different gemstone beads. You can choose from the beautiful Amethyst beads, but also Jade and Rose Quartz beads are available in our webshop. Lapis gemstone beads are a real eye catcher too! You can have a matching bracelet or necklace for every outfit, when you string your own beads. With the different gemstone beads or natural stone beads you can make special pieces of jewelry with a personalized spiritual meaning.

Natural Stone Beads for Jewelry

Gemstone and other natural stone beads are known for having certain properties, which can have a beneficial effect on your emotional well being. To what extent youā€™ll experience these properties, differs per person, per bead, and per gemstone. In any case, no matter what energy you experience, it is certain that you can string beautiful jewelry. If these self made pieces also have a special effect on you or can bring you peace, then that is of course a nice bonus! The gemstone beads also ensure that you have a piece of nature with you.

Different Sizes of Gemstone Beads

You can buy the gemstone beads for jewelry making in different sizes. The mini gemstone beads are nice for a subtler accent, while the larger gemstone beads create a tough bold look. For example, the beads can be combined with one of our Necklaces or Cords, but also with other beads made of natural materials.

Gemstone Beads Rich in Symbolism

Most people buy gemstone beads for the special spiritual symbolism. Rose quartz, for example, is one of the better-known gemstones, which symbolizes love. For centuries, this pink natural stone has been associated with the Greek god of love: Eros. In addition, the Rose Quartz could help with processing grief and trauma. Due to the symbolic meaning of the natural stone beads, they are also suitable as a Spiritual Gift for someone else. This immediately communicates an emotional message you want to give him or her.

Different Types of Gemstones

Not sure how to pick out gems? You will find more information in the blog ‘Which Crystal do I Need?’ It can also be fun to wear a well-known combination such as the Golden Triangle for more harmony and balance.

Different types of gemstone loose beads available:

Amethyst Beads

Amethyst gemstones are purple quartz crystals. The color of the stone varies from light lavender to dark purple. Amethyst is usually used by people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey to raise their level of consciousness. The crystal connects terrestrial and ethereal worlds, which opens up spiritual awareness. Amethyst gemstone beads thus carry a deeper spiritual meaning.

Rock Crystal Beads

Rock Crystal is known as a strong healing stone that, according to users, can help with various ailments. This stone is also often used to enhance the effect of other stones. Rock Crystal is considered by many to have a purifying effect and to be a protective stone. It is believed that it protects the aura against radiation and brings the chakras back into balance. Rock Crystal beads could regulate energy flows and give vitality. It also is thought to provide insight.

Carnelian Beads

Carnelian has an orange-red to brown color. It is seen as a grounding, stabilizing and vitalizing stone. The gem is said to help in accepting the circle of life, anchoring you in reality, as it were. Carnelian is thought to increase motivation, creativity, and to increase confidence. It may even calm anger and protect against emotional negativity such as jealousy. In addition, a carnelian gemstone bead is often experienced as uplifting and motivating.

Hematite Beads

Hematite is known as the most effective grounding stone. It is believed to help you to think practically and is also frequently used when working with higher energies. The supposed grounding and protective effect may ensure that your energy field is protected against entities and negative influences. It may also help light and energy flow throughout the body and balance the auric field. This silver to iron colored gemstone is widely used to purify and discharge negativity from other stones. Hematite possesses both yin & yang, positive and negative polarities. The stone could help shy people by giving confidence and self-esteem.

Jade Beads

Jade is also considered by gemologists to be a purifying and protective stone. It is said to provide harmony and balance and bring prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. The stone promotes self-reliance and self-realization. In addition, it may protect against negative emotions such as anger and irritation. The gemstone is said to promote creativity by helping to conceive and implement ideas. Jade is also widely used on long journeys for some extra protection. The Jade beads are available in white, green and red.

Rose Quartz Beads

Rose Quartz or Pink Quartz is pink in color and symbolizes harmony, softness and unconditional love. This gemstone is associated with the heart chakra, and is thus seen as strengthening the ability to receive and give love. The stone is believed to bring harmony in relationships and to also promote acceptance and love for yourself. Rose Quartz is found in (South) America and (South) Africa, among other places.

Turquoise Beads

There are several stories about the name Turquoise. Some stories tell that the stone comes from Turkey, other stories tell that the origin is Persian. The Turquoise beads are associated with throat chakra and thereby promote communication with other people and dimensions. It is believed to give insight and to help you realize that you are responsible for your own happiness. It is said to strengthen intuition, balance chakras and protect against negative energy. Turquoise may also promote inner calm and creativity and at the same time may have a revitalizing physical effect.

Gemstone Bead Care

Just like regular gemstones, it is important to take good care of your gemstone jewelry. Crystals can discolor in sunlight, but also when they come into direct contact with moisture and cosmetics. Hematite, for example, corrodes when wet. In one of our blogs we tell you the Basic Tips to Care for Your Gemstones, so that you can enjoy your symbolic jewelry for a long time!

Timeless Jewelry Making with a Spiritual Touch

Do you want to make more jewelry with a symbolic meaning? Then try adding a symbolic charm, such as a Hamsa Hand or Tree of Life, to your bracelet or necklace. You can also buy Lucky Pendants or Gemstone Pendants. Have you fallen in love with the gemstone beads, but don’t feel like doing it yourself? Then you can also find the beautiful natural stones around the ready-made gemstone Bead Strands. The most beautiful jewelry with spiritual meaning can be found at Spiru!