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Gemstone Necklaces

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Buy Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstone Necklaces are necklaces with gemstone beads or pendants. They contain one or more types of stone. The cords are available in different materials such as veter, washing cord, spang, metal or silver. The cord of a gemstone chain determines the closure. That can be a button, lock or magnetic closure.

Choice in gemstone chains

At Spiru you will find different kinds of gemstone necklaces. Of course we have an extensive assortment Bead chains. This timeless classic is made of precious stone beads in various shapes. You will find elegant necklaces with round beads, but also characteristic bead creations in different types and sizes of stone. Just as colourful are our Split Necklaces made of gemstone split. These surprising cords contain playful stones in different shades. Split jewellery is affordable, but still shows the richness of real gemstones! Are you looking for a complete necklace with edelsteen pendant? Of course you can find them at our Necklaces with Pendant. Includes beautiful silver necklaces for special occasions. In short, enough choice for the lover of symbolic jewelry!

Jewellery with gemstone at Spiru

Do you prefer to wear gemstones? Then you can indulge yourself at Spiru. Take a look for example between our Edelstenen Bracelets for a matching piece of jewelry. The same goes for Rings or Earrings of course! Or buy a Edelsteen Pendant and a loose Cord or a Chainch chain. This way you soon make unique creations yourself. In short, your spiritual jewelry collection starts with Spiru!


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