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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Ohm Pendants Buy Online

Ohm pendants are made of different materials such as white metal, silver, brass, orgonite and various precious stones. Each pendant has its own strengths. Choose a variety that suits you. Let yourself be guided by your inner guide and feel the energy that the hangers evoke in you!



Our collection of Ohm pendants consists of several types. We have necklaces with a Ohm symbol, enclosed in a mandala or lotus. The colours vary from silver, copper, gold to all colours of the rainbow. For example our Ohm pendants that are inlaid with chakra gems. The combination of Ohm and chakra symbolism, has a powerful effect!

We also offer beautiful Orgon pendants with Ohm symbol of copper (a good conductor of positive energy!) The Orgon pendants contain gemstones, such as tourmaline and jasper, blue topaz, pyrite, turquoise, chrysocolla, grenade, amethyst or epidote. Please note the special effect and colour of these gemstones. Are you interested in other Orgonite products now? Have a look here: Orgonite Pendants, Orgonite Pyramids, Orgonite Discs and Orgonite Bollen.

As you can see, we have a large collection of Ohm pendants. Here too it doesn’t matter if you are a ‘spiritual seeker’ or just looking for something beautiful. Ohm pendants are therefore a original gift! Think of that one girlfriend who loves yoga and meditation so much. Or as a gift for a loved one, to give them some extra power and positive energy.

The Ohm Symbol

The Ohm symbol originates from hindoeism, but also occurs within boeddhism. Constant repetition usually leads to deep meditation. This helps you to become aware of the physical world, your body and mind. It is a sanctimonious syllable that is often used during meditations and yoga exercises. The word Ohm is used in many mantras. Think for example of the famous “Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Yet the symbol is more than just a word or mantra. For some, Ohm is the first sound of creation. Ohm includes the essences of body and soul, but also of the whole universe, all natural forces, all sounds and all words.

Ohm Pendant as talisman

A Ohm pendant has different effects. It is a bringer of force, balance and brightness. It raises your consciousness and allows you to feel connected to the whole universe. When you wear a Ohm pendant as talisman, it helps you to find peace and quiet. You can put the talisman under your pillow, hold it in your pocket, carry it with your heart or you can hold an Ohm pendant while meditating. Choose the way you like and let positive energy flow through your body.

At Spiru we have wonderful Ohm pendants for sale in different designs and colors. Can you use some help to find more peace and peace in your life? Or would you like to have an Ohm pendant to help you during your meditation and yogaexercises? Then take a look at our collection and let yourself be seduced by the appeal of our Ohm jewelry: Ohm Bracelets, Ohm Ringen and Mala Bracelets with Ohm sign. Still not bored? Then we also have other beautiful pendants, such as our Polished Pendants and Cut Pendants made of gemstone, Sterrenbeeld Pendants and Flower of Life Pendants.