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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Orgonite Pendants

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Orgonite Pendant

Please Note: Orgonite / Orgone Products should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

Orgonite Pendants are pendants made of the material Orgonite. This is a special composition of synthetic resin, metal, and gemstone chips. In our real Orgonite pendants, crystals are cast in resin together with copper. According to many, this combination of elements creates pendants with special energetic qualities. There are also often well-known symbols on an Orgonite Pendant. This increases the strength of the material even more!

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is designed to capture and distribute life energy. The material was created to convert negative energy into positive. The inventors call this positive life energy Orgone. For many people this power is better known as prana, chi, qi or mana. According to this thought, life energy should flow freely. Problems only arise when there is a disturbance or imbalance. Enthusiasts believe that this can be caused by, for example, if there is too much electromagnetic radiation in the air due to Wi-Fi or other communication, or simply too much negative energy.

Gemstones and Symbols

There are Orgonite pendants for sale with all kinds of gemstones and with many different spiritual symbols. The crystals match the symbols and vice versa. In this way they reinforce each other. For example, you will find Orgonite crystal pendants with the lotus symbols and matching Chakra Stones incorporated into the resin. The Angel Orgone Pendants also contain special gemstones in addition to having the shape of an archangel. The most popular pendants are the Compassion Spiral, the Ohm sign and the Flower of Life. These universal signs, like Orgonite, do not lose their power and can be meaningful for anyone!

Orgonite Pendant Benefits

Experiences with Orgonite, like with gemstones, vary greatly from person to person. Many users notice a difference in their energy, mood, and resilience. Some people also sleep better because of the influence it has on their life energy. In addition, Orgonite can help with mood sensitivity; you can wear a pendant to protect your energy field or aura. Something as simple as a piece of Orgonite jewelry can help you become aware of strange energies and how they influence your mood. This can help you to keep in touch with your inner self, no matter how chaotic life gets.

Orgonite Pendant at Spiru

If a sparkling Orgonite product isn’t for you, or you’re looking for a handsome Mens Orgonite Pendant, there are varieties made from dark, masculine gemstones like Tiger’s Eye or Shungite. Some people like to make Orgonite themselves, but there are also beautifully fabricated products available. This way everyone can enjoy the benefits. The best known are the Pyramids, Spheres, Discs and Rods – feel free to take a look at our wide range!