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Mala Bracelets

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Mala Bracelet

A Mala Bracelet is a variation of traditional eastern prayer beads. The beads are made from different materials, often from seeds, bone, wood or gemstone. Each material has its own meaning. Mala Bracelets are often seen in Buddhism and Hinduism. Since they are often used for prayers and meditation, the strand has a fixed number of beads, an end bead, and a counting aid.

Symbolism Bracelet Mala

A mala beads bracelet is not only useful when reciting mantras or during meditation. They are also beautiful jewelry with a symbolic meaning. Each mala bracelet is handmade and carries a specific energy. Some people wear them as a symbol for reflection. The material of the beads often refers to a beautiful thought or philosophy. The beaded bracelets can be worn as support for positive changes in your life.

Number of Beads on the Tibetan Mala Bracelet

The special thing about the mala is the number of beads. Most Mala Necklaces contain 108. The number 108 is said to have several meanings:

  • In Buddhism, there are 108 feelings: 36 related to the past, 36 related to the present and 36 related to the future.
  • Buddha has 108 names. In Hinduism, some gods also have 108 names.
  • If you add the numbers together you get 9, the number of completion.
  • Buddha had to undergo 108 trials to attain enlightenment.
  • The individual numbers from each other. The number 1 stands for the divine, 0 for emptiness and humility and 8 for the infinite.
  • In Buddhism, there are 108 sins to avoid and 108 virtues to cultivate.

Difference between Bracelet Malas and Mala Necklaces

The difference between a Bracelet Mala and Mala Necklace is the weight and material. The malas worn on the wrist are called mala bracelets or multi-tower malas. The beaded cord is elastic, so it is easy to wrap around the wrist. A mala bracelet is also often a lot lighter than a mala necklace. The bracelet often consists of beads of about 6 millimeters or light seeds. The beads of a necklace are usually 8 millimeters thick, strung on a thick and sturdy wire. A mala bracelet often also has fewer beads, sometimes only a quarter of the number of beads on a chain.

Meditation Bracelet or Prayer Bracelet

Mala bracelets are also known as Meditation Bracelets and Prayer Bead Bracelets. Literally, “mala” also means “meditation garland” in Sanskrit. A mala is used during meditations and prayers. The beads help to count the number of prayers or breaths. Because you meditate or pray with your eyes closed, a mala often contains a guru bead or counting aids. Counting aids divide the chain into shorter pieces so that you know how far you are. The guru bead is located at the end of the mala. For many people this is a moment of reflection.

Mala Bracelet for Mantras

A Mala with 108 beads can also be used for reciting or chanting mantras. Mantras are affirmations that you say over and over again. Originally, malas were mostly used for a special meditation style called “Japa” which means “to recite”. This is why malas are sometimes called japa mala. It is important that your thoughts and intentions are pure. The sound produced when reciting is also important. This sound produces and creates a unique spiritual impression in the person who is reciting. Om Mani Padme Hum is the most famous mantra in Buddhism. Read more about its meaning in our blog, Om Mani Padme Hum: What Does it Mean?

Mala Bead Bracelets Materials

Malas are made from various traditional materials such as wood, gemstones, seeds and bones. Rudraksha Malas are made from Rudraksha seeds. These dried berries are sacred in Hinduism, as they represent warmth and compassion. In some cases lotus and bodhi seeds are used. The lotus symbolizes growth and enlightenment. Bodhi seeds come from the bodhi tree, under which Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment through deep meditation. Wooden beads are also reminiscent of the symbolism of growth. With a Mala Bracelet of gemstone, the meaning of the stone is important.

Gemstones Beads Mala Bracelet

Mala Bracelets made of gemstones carry extra meaning, because the gemstone the bracelet is made of has its own symbolism. Popular gemstones are:

  • Amazonite
  • Amethyst
  • Rock Crystal
  • Rose Quartz

Mala Bracelet from Amazonite

Amazonite is said to have a soft and fine energy that could bring calm and balance. At the same time, the gem is seen as a strong protector against negative energy and electromagnetic radiation. It may also have a calming effect and bring balance to mood swings and negative emotions such as sadness, fear, and grief. Furthermore, it is often said to give you the power to take charge and make your own luck.

Mala Bracelet of Amethyst

Amethyst is the stone of the mind and crown chakra. It may therefore help you to get more clarity and could even reduce complaints such as headaches. It could also help you open your third eye and get more in touch with your spirituality.

Mala Bracelet with Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is known as a strong purifying stone and is said to work on all chakras. This clear quartz could also help you to get more clarity. This stone is often used to charge other stones, or as an energy amplifier for other gemstones. It is considered to be a good stone for beginners because it has an accessible energy and can be applied to multiple chakras. Many people therefore find it nice to meditate with.

Mala Bracelet with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra. It could also help you to love yourself and those around you more. The Rose Quartz would help you to live with more compassion and open your heart to all the beautiful things in life.

Mala Bracelet Storage and Care

A Mala Bracelet is best kept in a special mala bag or on an altar. Many people hang their mala around a Ganesha Statue. Rudraksha beads or wooden beads sometimes need to be rubbed with natural oil. Rudraksha seeds may release some residue. You can read about gemstone care Here.

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