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Tibetan Silver Online Buying

Tibetan Silver is made according to traditional Tibetan technology. Tibetan silversmiths use it to make beautiful jewelry. These jewelry are not only beautiful to wear. They also have a special meaning and are therefore a timeless piece of jewellery.
What is Tibetan silver?
The term “925 silver” indicates the silver content in the alloy. In this case the silver content is 92.5%Tibetan silver consists of a mixture of silver and other types of metal such as copper or white metal. Therefore, this is often darker than 925 silver. Unlike 925 silver jewellery, the Tibetan variant remains beautiful for much longer. Even when worn frequently, it never loses its shine. So if you are looking for a symbolic piece of good quality jewellery, then this type of silver may be something for you!

What is the meaning of Tibetan Silver?
Silver jewelry is spiritually very important for the Tibetans. They are full of symbolism. Tibet is the cradle of Buddhist wisdom. So that’s not so strange! There are many variants available. Take the famous “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra. Tibetans believe that saying this mantra out loud gives them their power. It is also a bringer of fortune and wisdom. Just like Tibetan silver, this mantra never loses its value!

At Spiru you can buy Tibetan silver, hand crafted. The rustic look makes the jewelry authentic. In addition, the symbols stand out particularly well because of the silver. Can you use some extra luck? Then be extra sweet to yourself. Take a look at our Tibetan Pendants, Tibetan Bracelets, Tibetan rings and Shamballa Bracelets.


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