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Heart Pendants

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Heart Pendant

Heart Shaped Gemstone Pendants are made from natural gemstones cut into the shape of a heart. They are pierced or have a metal ring. Heart pendants combine the properties of the gemstone with the power of the ultimate love symbol. Moreover, because of how they hang, you naturally wear them over your heart. It couldn’t be better!

How to Choose a Heart Pendant?

In a heart shape, pendants made of gemstones are a loving piece of jewelry. It helps you to focus on your heart’s desire. That could be a dream you wish to pursue, or something you want to accept. These desires can also be things for which you are grateful. For example, special people in your life or an important quality within yourself. Special gemstones are associated with these different intentions. Each crystal has a symbolic meaning and, according to many, its own energy. So choose one that feels like Your stone to you. Maybe its attributes appeal to you, or maybe you just think it’s very beautiful. You then wear the gemstone necklace pendant over your heart. This way the stone and your wishes remain connected!

Heart Shaped Crystal Pendants for the Heart Chakra

Each chakra has a corresponding color and green and pink belong to the heart chakra. Green and Pink heart shaped natural gemstones that may stimulate your heart chakra are:

  • Rose Quartz heart pendant
  • Jade heart pendant
  • Aventurine heart pendant
  • Chrysocolla heart pendant

Rose Quartz Heart Pendant

A Rose Quartz heart pendant is of course the ideal stone to wear over your heart, at the heart chakra. This stone is known as the stone of love! Sometimes your heart could use some support and Rose quartz pendants are said to help open the fourth chakra. This helps to make you more open and accessible to yourself and others. That means more love all around!

Jade Heart Pendant

Jade, although often thought of as a green gem, is available in all kinds of colors and pendants made from it are known as good luck charms. A heart shaped Jade pendant could protect the wearer emotionally, help them to open up to love and tolerance and help them to cleanse their aura. This stone is often worn by people who travel. Enthusiasts believe that Jade brings good luck, prosperity, harmony, and abundance. Some say that it may even bring children comfort and make them feel loved. In addition to this, they could become gentler and more empathetic if they carry the stone with them.

Aventurine Heart Pendant

As a heart pendant, stones like Green Aventurine are said to represent life force. For many people it is a lucky stone. They believe that it can help you set your goals and manifest prosperity. The stone is also believed to make you more patient, positive and empathetic. This could make you less bothered by negative feelings such as anger and irritation. In addition, according to users, this stone has a positive effect on creativity. It is also one of the popular gems for kids! This gentle smooth stone could calm them in tense situations, and promote growth in several areas.

Chrysocolla Heart Pendant

Chrysocolla heart pendants provide balance and inner harmony according to experts. It can be both stimulating or calming. If you carry the stone with you when you feel lethargic, it could make you more energetic and active. If you suffer from stress or tension, this stone could help to calm you down. Like the Aventurine, it may help to reduce negative emotions. Furthermore, the stone could provide self-reflection and an open attitude.

More Heart Shaped Gemstones

Of course, a pendant in this shape is not just for opening and balancing the fourth chakra. All gems can be worn in this shape! Other popular stone types to wear as heart pendants are:

  • Amethyst
  • Labradorite
  • Hematite
  • Opalite
  • Rock Crystal

If these gemstones do not appeal to you, you will find a lot of other beautiful crystal heart pendants in our wide range!

Amethyst Heart Pendants

Heart shaped Amethyst crystals could stimulate honesty and sincerity. This stone is associated with the third eye. It if often thought to help you on your spiritual journey and thereby promote spiritual clarity. Amethyst heart pendants also have a soothing and purifying effect, according to enthusiasts. This could also help with a better night’s sleep.

Labradorite Heart Pendants

A Labradorite heart pendant is believed to protect the wearer from the negative energies from others. In addition, according to gemology, Labradorite helps in manifesting and promotes spirituality.

Hematite Heart Pendants

Hematite is known as a strong grounding stone that has a strong effect on other crystals. By placing them near Hematite heart shaped stones, crystals could be cleansed, recharged, and get a boost of love! A heart pendant of Hematite could help you with practical thinking and bring your aura back into balance. It is thought to act as a kind of shield between the owner and the environment. Hematite is also believed to remove negativity from the auric field and the body. This stone contains both yin and yang energy, but may especially restore female imbalance.

Opalite Heart Pendants

Opalite is popular because of its beautiful shimmer that gives the stone a mysterious appearance. Some people believe that it can even connect you with angels. Opalite is a synthetic stone of glass and is thus man-made. Opalite heart pendants represent our ability to self-heal and because of that, it may cheer you up during difficult moments. It is also said to have a purifying effect, promote success, and reduce aggressive behavior and feelings.

Rock Crystal Heart Pendants

Rock Crystal heart pendants are known as healing stones, because they are said to purify and protect the aura. Rock Crystal is also known for being able to enhance the effect of other stones.

A Heart Pendant as a Loving Gift

Heart pendants are a wonderful gift. For example, give them away to someone you appreciate or admire. That can be your loved one, but also friends or colleagues. A stone heart is a small but powerful symbol! That is why we have beautiful Gemstone Hearts at Spiru, not only as pendants but also available as loose stress soothing worry stones. Or take a look at our Gemstone Gifts if you like to give a special crystal gift!

More Types of Heart Pendants

In our range of heart pendants you will find different types and materials. There are pendants of different types of gemstone that have a ring, making it easy to hang them on a wax cord or silver chain. Of course, pierced pendants are available too! We also have special Orgonite Pendants with chakra stones. The heart chakra is indispensable in this collection. You will therefore find jewelry with the 4th chakra sign on it, in the shape of a heart, or with the well-known compassion spiral on it. This way you always carry positive energy with you!