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Tree of Life Bracelets

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Tree of Life Bracelet

It is not surprising that the Tree of Life is one of the most popular symbols in the world. This universal symbol represents life itself and is associated with protection, harmony of nature, and strength. In addition, it symbolizes a link between heaven, earth, and the spiritual underworld. With a tree of life bracelet you wear one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry out there!

The Tree of Life in the Bible

The Tree of Life appears in the Bible in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life was planted there in paradise along side the tree of “Knowledge of Good and Evil.” The fruits of the tree of life gave eternal life. After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of the “Knowledge” they were punished by being expelled from the garden. This would prevent them from eating the Tree of Life as well and living eternally in a state of sin.

Tree of Life Meaning

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol used in various traditions around the world. In these traditions it symbolizes all kinds of things: life, protection, strength, wisdom, beauty, fertility, the eternal, and redemption. The Tree of Life is deeply rooted in the ground, which represents the earthly. The branches reach up to the sky, whereby the tree would establish a connection between the human and the higher. You can read more about traditions around the world here in our blog Tree of Life: Be Inspired by the Spiritual ‘Evergreen.’

The Celtic Tree of Life or Crann Bethadh

For the Celts, the Tree of Life was an important symbol; they called it Crann Bethadh. Most academics agree that the Celts adopted the Norse version of the Tree of Life symbol and adapted it for their own use. When forming new settlements, only one tree was left standing in the center of the open space. This beautiful tree provided beauty and served as an important gathering place. Because of the beautiful animals that the tree attracted, it was called the Tree of Life. He was seen as the symbol of connection for all living things. The Celts also believed that this symbolic tree had special powers and that the gods used the tree as a means of communication between people, spirits and all other life. Therefore, it was considered a crime to damage the tree and every community should have a Tree of Life. In times of war, the tribes celebrated their victories by cutting down their enemy’s Tree of Life.

Wearing the Tree of Life Bracelet

As we have seen, the Tree of Life is an ancient symbol used all over the world. In addition to its spiritual meaning, the Tree of Life symbolizes longevity, wisdom, and strength. It also symbolizes fertility and rebirth; at the end of autumn it could shed its leaves to spend the winter in leafless rest and renew itself in the spring. The evergreen trees feed on the earth, conquering every storm and growing through every season. For many people this is a recognizable representation of their own life. As a symbol of family, the Tree of Life is the link between different generations from the past, present and future. That is why the Tree of Life is also a representation of eternity and harmony. With a Tree of Life bracelet you therefore have a beautiful talisman to connect with Mother Nature, family, tradition, and the universe.

Tree of Life Jewelry: Bracelets as the Perfect Gift

In addition to the centuries-old history and endless symbolism, the Tree of Life is of course also a feast for the eyes. The universal Tree of Life connects the different cultures and generations, but at the same time is depicted everywhere in a slightly different way. Because there is a version for every taste, the Tree of Life is also popular as a gift. You can buy a bracelet with a Tree of Life as a maternity gift, or one to hang above the crib as a dream catcher. The Tree of Life also carries a beautiful symbolism as a gift to a loved one or other people close to you. A Tree of Life bracelet would also make a meaningful gift for important events such as a move or a wedding. The story behind it makes it a gift that shows that you have thought about expressing your connection and care for the recipient. In addition, the Tree of Life offers many people comfort in sad times.

Tree of Life Bracelet from Spiru

Most Tree of Life bracelets close by means of a drawstring and are adjustable. So you don’t have to worry about whether the bracelets fit you! The beautiful wrap bracelet has a mix of blue agate beads that you can wrap around your wrist several times. The bracelet is available in all kinds of colors and often has a charm in the shape of a tree of life. Are you crazy about bright colors? We have colorful variants in stock especially for you.

More Jewelry like the Tree of Life Bracelet

All in all, the Tree of Life has a long history and has an important meaning for many people. Even without faith, the Tree of Life remains a beautiful symbol. At Spiru we have made a selection of the most beautiful Tree of Life jewelry. In addition to Tree of Life bracelets, we also have Tree of Life pendants. Whichever variant you choose, it can help you to see the beauty in Nature. Are you a big fan of this kind of jewelry? The Flower of Life is another universal sacred symbol. Take a look at the Flower of Life Bracelets, Flower of Life Pendants, Flower of Life Earrings, and the Flower of Life Rings. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something great at Spiru!