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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Lucky Pendants

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Lucky hangers are small amulets that many people carry with them for some extra happiness or protection. They often contain metal and various precious stones. Most pendants have a ring, hook or other closure. This way they can be attached to something.

Cheerful hangers as amulets

Where good hangers originally came from is not known. However, it is known that the world population has been using these amulets in the same way for centuries. These often include simple symbols and beautiful gems. According to many people, the pendants can give you a certain power and positive energy. Lucky hangers with precious stones build on the power of Mother Nature. In addition, the shape of the pendant influences the effect. Thus the heart is of course a symbol of love and connection.

Kinds of Pendants

Here you will find a large collection of pendants. Our range includes talismans and amulets. We also have charm jewelry, charmlets and keychains. These products are made of various materials. They come in all kinds of colours and shapes. The pendants are attached to beads or precious stones. Moreover, they usually contain a charm with a spiritual symbol. For example Yin and Yang, the Ohm sign, the Lotus or a Boeddha. Other symbols also occur. Think of a Pentagram, Tree of Life or Flower of Life. Almost all spiritual traditions can be found in these pendants!

Gelukshangers at Spiru

At Spiru we sell wonderful lucky hangers. Almost everyone has such a hanger in his or her car. Would you like to wish your loved ones happiness? Then this is the ideal gift! Can you use some extra luck yourself? Wear the amulet around your neck (close to your heart) and keep it with you. Wherever you go and whatever you do, without happiness no one can sail! Have you become curious? Take a look at our range of lucky hangers: Bedel Sieraden, Talismannen en Amuletten, Bedeltjes and Key rings.