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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Wrap Bracelets

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Wrap Bracelets or bracelets are flexible bracelets made of mixed materials. They often contain leather, gemstone beads and symbolic charms. The name ‘wrap‘ refers to the way this bracelet is usually worn. You can often wrap bracelets several times around your wrist. Not every wrap bracelet is, but the special style of beads, leather and charms makes them so called. Most of our leather wrap bracelets have a button closure. Wrap Bracelets fit perfectly into the boho or Ibiza style of sun, sea, beach and yoga!

These bracelets are very popular and that’s not surprising. Not only are they comfortable to wear, they are also colourful and made of durable material. Real leather only becomes more beautiful when you wear it. This bracelet is also soft on your wrist. It does not sand and gives away. Also the gemstone beads and symbols do not lose their value. Moreover, a wrap bracelet fits all kinds of outfits, because there are so many colors and materials used. This is a bracelet that you will enjoy!

How to keep a wrap bracelet beautiful?

Wrap bracelets often contain natural materials such as leather, suede and gemstones. Therefore it is important that you follow these tips.

– Be careful with moisture and water. Do not let a wrap bracelet get wet.
– Watch out with perfume or detergent.
– Do not sleep with your bracelet, it can damage the parts.

Make wrap bracelet yourself

Totally fan of those beautiful Ibiza or bohemian bracelets? Of course you will find a lot more with us Boho Jewelry. Wrap bracelets can also be made by yourself. In that case take a look at our assortment Beads and Basting material. There you will find beautiful gemstone beads and cords. Also Bedels we have enough! So you can make your own lace bracelet in no time. One that fits your style! And it’s still mindful too, a little creativity. Of course we at Spiru are fully behind that!