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Chakra Jewelry

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Chakra Jewelry are jewellery that contains chakrasymbols. They contain Sanskrit signs, colors or precious stones that match the seven chakras.
What are the chakras?
The chakra system is a Hindu philosophy that is widely used in yoga and therapy. The chakras are spiritual symbols. They stand for different types of consciousness or life areas. According to many, it is the energy centres in the human body. Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ and means something like node. Most traditions are based on seven chakras. According to this idea, they form a system. That means that the areas of life work together. That is why the seven chakras also stand for unit and harmony between differences.
Colors, stones and symbols
For many people, chakras are palpable or noticeable in behaviour. To get to know and master these areas, special symbols, colors and crystals are often used. These seven colours together also form the rainbow, the symbol of diversity and harmony. Not by chance of course!
The most common colors and gems are:

1st chakra: red – red jasper
2nd chakra: orange – peach aventurine
3rd chakra: yellow – gold quartz
4th chakra: green & pink – green aventurine, rose quartz
5th chakra: blue – lapis lazuli or sodalite
6th chakra: indigo – amethyst
7th chakra: violet – rock crystal or amethyst
How to choose a chakra piece of jewellery?
There are several ways to choose from chakra jewelry. Are you looking for a Armband, Hanger or a complete Ketting? Do you want a piece of jewelry on your hand or rather on your heart? According to the chakra philosophy, hands belong to the heart area. So you always wear a loving symbol, whatever the chakra. For example, choose a colour that appeals to you or a special type of stone. You’ll find jewellery with loosse chakra’s but also symbols with all seven. Whatever species you choose, according to the yoga philosophy, attention is everything. Chakra jewelry can help you on your way to self-examination. And that is always a colourful journey!
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Fan of jewelry with a symbolic meaning? Or a fanatical yogi or yogini? Then you’re at the right place at Spiru. Besides Chakra Jewelry you will find meditative Mala’s, Tibetan and Ohm Jewelry. All beautiful additions to your yoga practice or meditation practice. Do you like to work with energy? Take a look at the Magnetic Jewelry. In short, your spiritual jewelry collection starts with Spiru!