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Lotus Bracelets

Spiru has a wide collection of colorful Lotus Bracelets in house. The lotus flower is an important spiritual symbol and is a metaphor for inner growth and spiritual development. It also stands for beauty, purity, and connection with the universe.

Origin of Lotus Flower Bracelets

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus flower is of great significance. Here it symbolizes divine birth, personal development, enlightenment, and purity. The lotus belongs to Bodhisattva Samantabhadra the Buddha of Compassion. Also Vishnu, one of the most important Hindu gods, is often depicted with a lotus. These holy figures usually stand or sit on a lotus throne: a pedestal in the shape of an open lotus flower. The lotus flower was also used in Persian antiquity. There are many images of Darius I and Xerxes I in which they are depicted with this symbol.

Lotus Bracelets from Spiru

At Spiru you can choose from a wide range of Lotus Bracelets. Do you like minimalist jewelry? Then choose a unique, handmade Silver Lotus Bracelet. This bracelet with open ends is adjustable by bending it. Handy! You will also find Lotus Bracelets with semi-precious stones in our range. You can choose from:

Lotus Bracelets with Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple-colored quartz crystal, ranging in color from light lavender to deep violet. This quartz is known for spiritual properties and can be used for raising your level of consciousness. According to experts, it forms a bridge between terrestrial and ethereal worlds, creating an opening to spiritual awareness. Amethyst grows all over the world: in South America, but also in the United States, Asia, and Africa. According to many people, Amethyst has a positive effect on mental and spiritual abilities and is therefore the stone of the crown chakra. According to many traditions, the stone helps with distancing oneself from problems for perspective and creating clarity.

Lotus Bracelets with Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is a transparent to white quartz with a high hardness. The mineral is common and found all over the world. According to gem experts, Rock Crystal is a powerful stone for healing. This clear quartz could regulate the energy of people, animals, or other crystal types. For many people, Rock Crystal is therefore the mineral of cleansing, balance, and objective perception.

Lotus Bracelets with Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is light pink in color and quite translucent. It is best known as the stone of love and is very popular. Rose Quartz is said to have an effect on issues surrounding the heart such as affection, devotion, and compassion. The ancient Egyptians saw this pink quartz variety as a sign of beauty and love. The ancient Greeks believed that the goddess of love, Aphrodite, brought the stone to Earth. Furthermore, a Lotus Bracelet with Rose Quartz may help you develop self-love and compassion. By wearing the jewelry you could stimulate yourself to see the beauty in yourself,others, nature, and also animals.

Lotus Bracelets with Lava Stone

Lava Stone is a form of basalt, a volcanic igneous rock. According to gem experts, it has a gentle effect on a spiritual level. The stone is created by the elements fire and earth. Because ‘lava’ is derived from the Latin word ‘labes’, which means to slide, the stone as a spiritual symbol mainly has to do with perseverance. On this level it is said to make you energized and steadfast, to give you courage and willpower, to incite action and to have a grounding effect that would allow you to experience more balance. Another advantage: the Lotus Bracelet with Lava Stone works as an aroma diffuser! Drop some Fragrance Oil or your favorite Essential Oils on the stone and you can enjoy your favorite scents all day long.

Spiritual Meaning Lotus Bracelets

For many people around the world, the Lotus flower is disarming, magical, and serene. No wonder you see this symbol a lot in all kinds of spiritual jewelry and yoga articles. What does the lotus flower actually mean? In Hinduism and Buddhism, the Lotus is a sacred flower that symbolizes purity, clarity, beauty, inner growth, and the connection with the universe. The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual growth or the growth towards enlightenment. This has to do with the growing process of the flower. The lotus flower roots in the mud under water to grow slowly but vigorously towards the light. Then a beautiful flower appears on the surface of the water. In our personal growth you can compare mud with ignorance and suffering. As you grow you become wiser and when enlightenment is achieved, you shine just like a Lotus.

Lotus Bracelet as a Gift

The Lotus stands for strength and symbolizes resilience and personal growth. The Lotus flower is also widely used in meditation, where it represents inner awakening and harmony. The Lotus is a beautiful flower that grows in water everywhere and lifts its heart to the sun as it grows towards it. The Lotus flower is therefore a flower that has an important meaning for many people. If you would like to find a beautiful and meaningful friendship bracelet, lotus bracelets are a perfect choice. The recipient of this thoughtful gift can use it in times of change for strength and insight.

Lotus Bracelets: Spiritual Jewelry for Everyone

Are Lotus Bracelets just for women? No Way! Lotus Bracelets are for anyone who wants to enjoy the special meaning of this beautiful flower. A Lotus Bracelet is always a good gift to give someone else, but also to treat yourself! Not only because of the special meaning, but also because they are also a feast for the eyes! Are you interested in personalizing your Lotus? Style bracelets with cheerful Gemstone Chip Bracelets or meaningful Mala Bracelets.

More Lotus Enlightenment from Spiru

In addition to Lotus Bracelets, you will find many more beautiful items with this meaningful flower in the Spiru range. Create some atmosphere with the Lotus Atmospheric Lights or give someone a meaningful gift with a Lotus Flower Wish Necklace, Lotus Pendants or Lotus Earrings. Symbolic jewelry can be found at Spiru!