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Lotus Jewelry

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Lotus Jewelry 

Lotus Jewelry is jewelry symbolic of the spiritual meaning of the lotus flower. Most often they have a representation of  the sacred water plant on it. But they can also contain real lotus seeds or miniature varieties of the plant itself, as is the case with some Malas and Lucky Pendants. Other common decorations are signs and materials that symbolize enlightenment, such as the Ohm symbol or special crystals.

The Symbolism of Lotus Jewelry

The Lotus flower, and especially the way it grows, is a symbol of spiritual development for many Buddhists and Hindus. The roots of the lotus start underwater in the mud, after which the stem seeks out the light and produces a flower above the surface. This colorful beauty is also water and dirt repellent, making her shine like a real treasure! According to Buddhists and Hindus, this sacred water plant is therefore an example of perseverance, purity, and a lasting connection between earth and heaven – all qualities that would help to achieve personal enlightenment!

Ohm Symbol and Lotus Flower Jewelry

Lotus Flower Jewelry is often decorated with the Ohm sign. This graceful symbol refers to cosmic power for most Buddhists and Hindus. When you sing ohm or aum, you would experience the vibration of the universe. Because this sound stands for perfection, believers believe it fits well with the symbolism of the lotus flower. So do you want to taste a bit of nirvana or earthly paradise? Then meditating or chanting Ohm could get you started!

Choosing a Crystal for your Lotus Jewelry

According to experts, gemstones have their own vibe that can help to evoke specific properties in yourself. For example, the so-called Golden Triangle GemstonesAmethyst, Rock Crystal, and Rose Quartz – are known for stimulating calmness, clarity, and sincere cordiality. Often Lotus symbol jewelry therefore contains one or more of these crystals. According to enthusiasts, amethyst is a real meditation stone, rose quartz is a compass for compassion, and rock crystal is said to purify mind and body of unnecessary things. Exactly what experts say you need on your spiritual journey!

Jewelry: Lotus Flower and Other Spiritual Treasures at Spiru

At Spiru you will find an extensive selection of Lotus Pendants, Lotus Bracelets, and Lotus Earrings in various Zen-full designs. Consider crafted copper and brass variants that sparkle in the sunlight or exuberant Boho Jewelry with floral charms and crystal beads. Are you looking for a nice addition to your Lotus Necklaces or Lotus Style Bracelet? Then take a look around Tibetan Jewelry, Ohm Jewelry and Chakra Jewelry for more beauties full of meaning. Spiritual Treasures Shop at Spiru!