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Free affirmation card with every order ­čśŹ
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Shamballa Bracelets Buy Online

Shamballa bracelets are made of beads and rope. They originate from Tibetan Buddhism. Furthermore, they have the same function as the Catholic Rosary. They are used in meditation and prayer.

What’s Shamballa?

Shamballa is a mythical kingdom in the Tibetan tradition. According to the stories it is located near the Himayala. Shamballa is described as a kind of heavenly paradise. Just like Atlantis, it is not an existing place. Some people visit Shamballa through their spiritual consciousness. There are several travel guides for a trip there. On the way, the traveller has to overcome many difficulties. This symbolizes the obstacles on the path to lighting..

What is a Shamballa bracelet?
Shamballa bracelets are special bracelets. They have been designed in the same way for centuries. Originally they were called “Shambhala” in Tibetan. The most important feature of the Shamballa bracelet is that the beads are tied by hand to a cord. The length of these bracelets is also adjustable. So you don’t have to worry about whether the bracelet will fit you. Both men and women wear these bracelets. Furthermore, the bracelets consist of different materials: fired clay, diamond, metal, wood, gemstone. Everything is possible! Finally hgives each bracelet and each color a unique meaning. Whether it’s a black shamballa bracelet or one made of gold: this bracelet fits your personality and gives your life color.

What is the meaning of a Shamballa bracelet?
Loveand compassionare key concepts within Tibetan Buddhism. In a world where this is sometimes lost, it is indispensable. Shamballa bracelets remind you of a world of love and peace. Moreover, they are sources of power, energy and protection. And when you wear them, a age-old tradition comes back to life.

At Spiru you can therefore buy unique, hand-knotted Shamballa bracelets. With a bracelet like this you always wear a piece of paradise with you. Besides that they also look beautiful! Can you use even more help with meditation? Take a look at our Mala Bracelets and Tibetan Malas.