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Flower of Life Bracelets

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Flower of Life bracelets are colorful bracelets that contain a Flower of Life amulet. They are made of metal alloy and cotton. Two beads are attached to the ends of the bracelets. The bracelets are adjustable, so this is about ‘one size fits all‘.

What is the meaning of the Flower of Life?
The Flower of Life is found in many different cultures. The symbol is found on temples in Egypt, Israel, Turkey and even in China and Ireland. The Flower of Life is the most important symbol within the saintly geometry and resembles a stylized flower. Hence the name flower of life. The Flower of Life consists of nineteen overlapping circles. But in the core there are seven circles. This is special, for the world was created in seven days.

The Flower of Life relates to the creation. This is not only about the creation of our little earth, but the whole universe. It represents everything between heaven and earth. For this reason, the Flower of Life is seen as blue print of creation. It is therefore not surprising to think that the flower of life possesses all the wisdom in the universe. The geometric shape of the Flower of Life is really reflected in everything. For example in the first cell division and other patterns in our galaxy. Because of the special way in which all circles overlap, the Flower of Life represents the connectedness between all living beings.

Flower of Life Bracelet as Amulet

You can choose to wear a Flower or Life bracelet as amulet around your wrist, but you can also keep it with you in other ways. Put it under your pillow as an amulet, carry it with you in your pocket (pin it to your trousers or t-shirt) or just wear it on your body. You can do this when you are experiencing moments of stress and you want to stimulate positive energy. It is possible that Flower of Life bracelets have a healing effect on you. This would enable them to lift negative blockades. When you hold a Flower of Life amulet during a meditation or yoga exercise, the life energy can flow freely through your body. Finally, a Flower of Life bracelet can generate the energy of connection to the universe.

Flower of Life Jewelry at Spiru

At Spiru we have beautiful and unique Flower of Life bracelets in our assortment. Because these bracelets have a special effect, we consider it a privilege to enrich your life or that of someone else! Discover what the Flower of Life (sometimes also called Flower of Light) can do for you. Allow the light to enter your life again! Are you looking for a piece of jewelry with a Flower of Life symbol, but you don’t want a bracelet? Take a look at our Flower of Life Pendants, Flower of Life Rings and Flower of Life Earrings.


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