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Ohm Rings Buying Online

Ohm rings are usually made of 925 silver or brass. The rings are also adjustable. So they fit easily around your finger. Each ring has its own unique qualities. You can see them as spiritual works of art! Looking for an addition to your collection of jewelry? Then these Ohm rings are what for you!

The Ohm Symbol

OhmOmAum is a saintly syllable that originated during the creation of our world. The Hindu Mandukya Upanishad is an important Hindu text dedicated entirely to the explanation of the Ohm symbol. According to the text, Ohm is “the only eternal sound” that encompasses everything. That is why the Ohm sign represents infinity, everyness and universal energy. Yet the symbol is used daily. The spiritual man begins his day and his prayers with an Ohm chant. The symbol can be found in almost every Hindu and Buddhist temple. Many carry the Ohm sign with them in the form of a pendant, bracelet or ring. They are amulets of peace, peace, strength and heightened consciousness.

Did you know that the Ohm sign also symbolizes the three times past, present and future; day, afternoon and night? In addition, Ohm symbolizes the three states of man, namely waking, dreaming and deep sleep. In this sense, the symbol is somewhat comparable to the Christian three unit. Another interesting fact: the European word “amen” is based on the Indian word “Aum“.

At Spiru you can buy beautiful silver Ohm rings. By adding the Ohm symbol, each ring has a spiritual message that can help you with meditation or yoga exercises. It also supports you in your search to find peace and quiet within yourself. Such a ring will undoubtedly bring you some relief! Are you curious about our other Ohm jewelry? Take a look at our Ohm Pendants, Ohm Bracelets and Mala Bracelets.


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