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Crystal Chip Bracelets

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Chip Bracelets are bracelets made of gemstone chips which have split from a larger crystal. The small beads of split crystal are then strung onto elastic to create unique, cheerful jewelry. The elastic ensures that these bracelets fit on wrists of all sizes.

What are Gemstone Chips?

Gemstone chips are created during the processing of natural stones. These chips are small stones that split from larger crystals. After as many beads and other shapes as possible have been cut or chopped from larger raw gemstones, these chips are what remain. Chips are therefore the smallest shape a gemstone produces.

Chips are polished so that they no longer have sharp edges. Once polished they are ideal for making jewelry. The remaining split stones are also sorted by average size. For example, the beads of a gemstone chip bracelet are often between 5 and 10 mm. Every bracelet has a variety of stones that are not exactly the same size. Because each chip comes from a different part of the original crystal, they also differ in color. Sodalite stone chip bracelets, for example, contain countless shades of blue. An Amber bracelet shows yellow, gold and brown colors. Small but beautiful, those split stones!

A Playful Piece of Jewelry

Only the toughest, most stubborn stones remain over from the processing process. Chip bracelets are therefore colorful with a strong personality. They have a playful shape that fully emphasizes the characteristics of stone. In a chip bracelet you not only see different shapes of the same stone, but also the color differences. A bracelet with just a single strand is therefore already a real eye catcher. You will also find combinations of multiple strands or gemstones in our assortment. This creates an even more interesting effect.

There is a chip bracelet for everyone. Compared to other gemstone jewelry, chip bracelets are also very affordable. Ideal if you are looking for different gemstone bracelets or a nice little gift! One thing is for sure: you won’t get bored with a chip bracelet!