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Boho Rings

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Boho Rings

Are you completely wild about Boho jewelry? Rings are then an absolute must-have in your jewelry collection and you’ll find the perfect ones at Spiru! In addition to silver and gold boho rings, our assortment also includes other statement rings, such as the beautiful rings with gemstones. By combining the different bohemian rings with each other, you can give your hands a stylish Ibiza look in no time! You can also combine bohemian rings with other beautiful boho jewelry, such as Bohemian Bracelets, Boho Pendants, Bohemian Necklaces, and Bohemian Earrings. Just mix and match and let your imagination run free!

Who Are Boho Rings For?

Do you  like to give your outfit that little bit of extra flair? Do you feel like your look’s not complete without beautiful jewelry? Then the Boho rings are for you! In fact, Boho jewelry is for everyone: for those who want to brighten up a basic outfit, but also for someone who likes to stand out. Boho rings are therefore one of our favorite items to complete your outfit. If you like this cheerful style, these rings are perfect because they come in all sizes and different types. There is something for everyone!

Combine Boho Rings

With our Boho rings you’ll feel like being on the beach of Ibiza or letting loose and dancing at a fantastic festival. Our hip, colorful boho style rings suit every bohemian outfit. Although these rings are mainly associated with summer, they are beautiful accessories that you can wear during any season. You can wear them on a summer day with a floral dress and nice sandals, but you can also combine boho rings with a leather jacket and cowboy boots during the colder days. Nothing is too crazy!

Buy Boho Rings at Spiru

Of course we want to make everyone happy with our boho rings, which is why we have a large variety made in many materials, colors, and with symbols or gemstones. For example, think of a large statement ring or a ring with a lotus sign. You can of course also combine the different rings with each other, for example by wearing several rings around a single finger. Even mix and match metal type for a truly eclectic look.

  • Boho Ring Silver
  • Boho Ring Gold

Ring Boho Style Silver

The silver-colored Spiru rings can be worn alone as an eye-catcher due to their size and many are decorated with important spiritual signs, including the Lotus, the Flower of Life, and the Tree of Life. The meaning of these spiritual symbols is discussed in more detail below. In addition to the silver Boho rings, we also have a beautiful collection of Silver Rings in other styles.

Boho Ring Gold

The collection of gold colored rings is slightly more extensive than the silver colored rings. But they have one thing in common, they’re big beautiful statement pieces. In many cases these also have spiritual symbols. Many also have precious stones. The meaning of these gems can be found below.

Symbols on the Boho Rings

Some boho style rings carry important spiritual symbols. Below you will find the meaning of:

  • Flower of Life
  • OHM Sign
  • Tree of Life
  • Lotus
  • Seed of Life

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life starts from one circle. By continuously drawing new circles from a point on the original, a geometric pattern is created that resembles a flower. This symbol is still one of the most powerful symbols of nature. It represents the interconnectedness of everything, of all life here on Earth and in the universe. The flower of Life is widely used for vitalizing and stabilizing foods.

OHM Sign

The OHM sign also carries a special meaning and is associated with different types of consciousness. The lower curves  represent wakefulness, dreams, and deep sleep. They can also refer to the physical, subtle, and causal body. The moon above the symbol is usually interpreted as an illusion and the dot above it is seen as illumination. Together they form a powerful symbol that represents the origins of the universe.

Tree of Life

The tree of life symbolizes the life, growth and development of man, of body, mind, and psyche. These are symbolized by the three main parts of the tree of life: the roots, trunk and branches. With its roots in the earth, it has contact with the underworld. It reaches to the sky with its branches. He is a mediator between gods and humans. It also symbolizes wisdom, immortality, protection, abundance, strength, and eternal life.


The seeds of the lotus flower settle in swampy and muddy soils, but grow into a beautiful flower on the surface. This symbolizes the process that a person goes through in his or her life. On the surface, the flower symbolizes purity and spiritual cleansing. This has to do with its hydrophobic properties, which means that the leaves are water-repellent. Despite the flower growing in muddy areas, no water or mud is left behind on the petals. This self-cleaning ability is also known as the “lotus effect”.

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life stands for the origin of the universe. The middle circle of the Seed of life shows the birth of consciousness. Consciousness then explores the empty space in harmony with itself. This creates the first flower shape. This symbol and its creative power help you to organize your life the way you want. It supports you in taking on new projects and is a symbol of fertility and protection.

Gemstones and Bohemian Stone Rings

  • Turquoise
  • Coral
  • Amethyst

Bohemian Ring with Turquoise

Turquoise has a blue-green color. The stone is seen as a healing, purifying, and protective stone. It is thought to bring balance and calm. As a result, it could help you to find more inner peace while wearing it and at the same time you may experience more vitality if you suffer from fatigue. According to gemstone experts, it has a positive effect on depression, mood swings, and anxiety.

Bohemian Ring with Bamboo Coral

Bamboo coral is a red stone and is the petrified root of bamboo. This material is found in dried-out seabeds, where bamboo grew a long time ago. This bamboo is then petrified by dying off and by the action of minerals such as salt and iron. This material is more nature-friendly compared to Blood Coral, which is now one of the protected coral species. The original color of Bamboo Coral is white-yellow; it is colored red for use as a replacement for the protected blood coral.

Bohemian Ring with Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple quartz type. This stone is often said to have a protective, purifying, and relaxing effect. Like Turquoise, it may create inner peace for some people. Together with the other well-known quartz types rose quartz and rock crystal, it forms the golden triangle. According to experts, this combination of stones brings harmony wherever you go. This stone may also give you insight into yourself. Because of this, it is also often worn to break bad habits, such as addictions and negative patterns.

Combine with Other Striking Jewelry

Besides that you can mix and match with other nice rings, you can also combine the boho rings with beautiful necklaces, earrings or bracelets. The more the better, right? A nicely decorated hand full of gypsy bohemian rings can complement  nice earrings and shimmering bracelets or large amulet necklaces. Don’t be afraid to be creative, because big, striking, and bold is the whole idea with this style!

More Stylish Items

Have you become a fan of the Bohemian Style? You can buy boho rings online from Spiru, but also check out our other Gemstone Rings collections to compliment them! In our assortment you will also find the most beautiful Gemstone Bracelets and Lucky Charms, such as Lucky Pendants. Or would you rather get started with our Beads & Beading material to create your own unique boho jewelry? You can find (or make) the most beautiful jewelry with the Spiru collections!