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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Flower of Life Jewelry

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Flower of Life Jewelry

Flower of Life jewelry is jewelry that contains a symbol of the Flower of Life. They are made of different materials such as 925 silver, metal, Orgonite and precious stones.

The Meaning of the Flower of Life Symbol

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol within sacred geometry. The circular symbol is symmetrical and resembles a stylized flower. The center of this circular figure is known as the Seed of Life. It consists of seven circles. For many people this symbolizes creation and structure. Both the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life therefore refer to primal patterns. The world would consist of fixed proportions that you see everywhere. In flowers, plants, animals and people. The Flower of Life therefore stands for the connectedness of all life forms, and of course for harmony. To learn more about the spiritual meaning of the Flower of Life, Check Out Our Blog.

Flower of Life as an Amulet

Flower of Life jewelry is often used as an amulet. For example to feel connected to the world or as a reminder of harmony. You can wear them, but also hold them during meditation. Some people put a piece of jewelry on their bedside table or desk. For the same reason, jewelry with a flower of life also makes wonderful gifts. It’s never wrong to give away some positive energy!

Types of Flower of Life Jewelry

We have a large collection of different types of Flower of Life jewelry. We have bracelets in various colors. We also have a beautiful collection of Pendants. Ideal if you like to wear this loving symbol on your heart. Rings and Earrings are of course also available. You can choose from different materials such as silver, metal, Orgonite and gemstone. Whether you go for simple or colorful, you will always find a flower of life that suits you. Personal yet universal!

Flower of Life Products at Spiru

At Spiru you can buy Flower of Life jewelry in different shapes and sizes. Are you looking for other products with a Flower of Life symbol? Take a look at our Home & Living assortment or our Meditation and Yoga products. You will soon have a harmonious house full of Flowers of Life!