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Viking Pendants

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Viking Pendant

Viking Charms and Pendants are wearable amulets and talismans with Northern European spiritual signs and nature symbolism. There are both Christian and pagan pendants, as the Vikings probably had mixed beliefs. Viking culture is influenced by different traditions. There is not only jewelry dedicated to Norse gods and goddesses, but you can also buy a Pentagram Pendant or a Peter cross. Many people wear Viking jewelry as a spiritual inspiration for wisdom and superhuman courage!

Viking Pendants with Mythological Symbols

Viking Pendants often contain figures from Norse Mythology. These symbols are often found on Northern European amulets:

  • The Yggdrasil – the Tree of Life from the Norwegian tradition.
  • Fenrir- Nordic viking wolf pendants display this giant wolf who, according to Norse Mythology, was supposed to kill the god Odin.
  • The Thor Hammer (called Wolf’s Cross, Mjƶllnir or Mjollnir) – A viking Mjolnir pendant displays this instrument with which the Norse Thunder God could both create and destroy.
  • Runes – viking rune pendants use the magical writing system of ancient Germanic peoples.

Viking Pendant Necklaces for Contemporary Warriors

Vikings wore amulets to protect them from natural disasters, war, and dangers along their way. Examples are

  • A Viking Compass Pendant or Vegvisir that was used as a (spiritual) signpost.
  • The Valknut or Wodansknot, honors the heroism of (fallen) warriors.
  • The Battle Ax, a sign of courage and fighting spirit.
  • The Viking shield, an amulet for protection.
  • The Peter Cross, a Christian sign of humility and reverence.
  • The Pentagram, a symbol of prosperity and harmony.

Viking Pendants with Power Animals

Just as North American shamans have their Totem animals, the Norsemen also drew strength from the animal kingdom. Some were highly regarded by the Vikings, such as

The Bear, symbol of personal power, self-knowledge and healing
The Hawk, bringer of insight, intuition and visionary powers.
The Owl, keeper of wisdom, nuance and discernment
The Ree, synonymous with strength and protection.
Crows, knowers of the mysteries of life and death.
The Raven, catalyst of gradual change.

Spiritual Pendants at Spiru

Looking for an inspiring piece of jewelry full of symbolic power? In addition to amulets for modern Vikings such as Mens Viking Pendants, Runic Pendants and silver Pentagram Pendants, you will also find Guardian Angel Pendants, Skull Pendants, Tree of Life Pendants, Flower of Life Pendants, Mandala Pendants, Chakra Pendants, Tibetan Pendants, Ankh Pendants, Cross Pendants, Zodiac Pendants and Birthstone Pendants. You can also choose from sterling silver or brass, from loose pendants or versions with a chain. From a viking hammer pendant to an angelic image, you can always find a talisman that has meaning for you at Spiru!