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  • Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Free affirmation card with every order ­čśŹ
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10


  • Unique Products from 44+ Countries
  • Customers rate Spiru 9/10


This is where our products come from

Spiru Spiru

We purchase our products very carefully from reputable suppliers around the world. For example, we support projects that give women fair opportunities in various developing countries to combat discrimination and provide safe and good working conditions.

Buy Spiritual products
Ready to further develop yourself spiritually? At Spiru you can buy an incredible variety of spiritual products. The collection is unique and very affordable. Through direct lines with many of the producers in Asia, prices are quite reasonable. Spirituality provides more peace and space. 
Edel stones Buying a shuttle
For example, are you looking for a Gemstone pendel, or a pendel van Messing? We have them. All pendulums are clean and of high quality. Among others you will find pendulums of rose quartz, rock crystal, amethyst & lapis lazuli. That is only a small part of the Chakra gemstones. Many come with a handy storage pouch. By regularly cleaning the pendulums, the crystals remain clean for a long time.
Tibetan prayer flags for peace, strength & wisdom
Also if you want to buy beautiful Tibetan prayer flags, you have come to the right place. The prayer flag is supposed to spread peace, strength and wisdom. Through the wind mantras and prayers rise up to gods and family & friends. The prayer flags are available in all kinds and sizes. From very large to small. All with beautiful Chakra colors.
Biotensor & Buy dowsing rod
For the more experienced people we have a nice collection Biotensors. They are made of spring steel. This makes them extremely sensitive. The biotensors are bio-energetic test devices with which you can test energy. Many come in a beautiful and handy storage box. By means of a copper handle, the energy becomes even purer. You will also find an extensive collection of dowsing rods. Would you like to buy a dowsing-rod? Then look no further. Search for water sources, metal gemstones and other energy sources.
Meridian Balls, Yin Yang and more
You will also find here an extensive collection of handmade meridianballs. The prints are beautiful. Think for example of Yin & Yang or Qi Xin Ylang. The meridian balls are supplied in a handy storage box. The internal mechanism creates a soft vibration in the balls during movement. This gives a calming effect. Perfect for the development of your spirituality.
Wicca & Buy Tarot products
Nowhere can you find a wider collection with wicca & tarot products. From biotensors to pendels. From beautiful tarot bags to sieradendozen. Even a crystal ball you buy here. Recently you will also find beautiful Witch boilers. The classics are now the Wicca symbol stones.

Beautiful hugging stones with for example a real four-leaf clover. Or a hugging stone with angel protection. We have them all. The collection of angel coins is also very nice to get or give away. A small gesture with a very deep meaning. This is only a part of all angel products that Spiru offers.
Mills of prayer and other ritual objects
Want to dress up your living room or zen location with objects from the Far East? Take a look at the category bedbedsmolens or ritual objects. Each spiritual product has its own story and deeper meaning. Think for example of beautiful slate, mystical ritual drums, bel & dorje or a kapala set. To name but a few.

Also wonderful protective pendants can be found in the Spirituality collection. A beautiful gift to give or receive. Very nice for example to hang in the car. Many different prints such as Green Tara, Medicine Buddha, Vajra Kilaya and White Tara. Spiritual products of high quality!

Thangka’s are part of the most impressive collection. Beautiful large-scale constructions with unique colours and prints. Every morning you see something new because of the complexity. The reproductions are of high quality.