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Ohm Bracelets Buy Online

Ohm bracelets consist of different material types. We use various gemstones (rose quartz and amazonite), sandalwood beads and white metal. We also have different types, such as malas and Tibetan squeeze bracelets. Are you looking for an addition to your other spiritual jewelry? Then be surprised by our Ohm bracelets!

The Ohm Symbol

The Ohm symbol is important within the Hinduism and Buddhism. If we focus our attention on this symbol and say the word Ohm out loud, it can lead to a deep state of meditation. This increases your awareness of the physical world, your body and soul. Therefore the Ohm symbol is often used during meditations and yoga exercises. The word Ohm can be found in many mantras. Similarly, the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum. Ohm is seen as the first word of the creator. Ohm is the vibration on which the universal energy vibrates. Therefore, this symbol represents infinity, eternity and the universe.

A bracelet with an Ohm charm has essentially the same effect as an Ohm pendant. Wearing these bracelets supports you in finding rest and peace. It can also help you to stimulate power and positiveness. Furthermore, an Ohm bracelet can give you a strong sense of connection with the universe. When you wear an Ohm bracelet as an amulet with you, you feel the vibrations of the primal creation! At Spiru you can buy unique and colourful Ohm bracelets. Are you looking for more peace, peace, strength and positivity? Then our Ohm bracelets are what for you! If you just can’t get enough of all those beautiful Ohm jewelry, check out our Ohm Pendants and Ohm Rings.


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