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Malas are Eastern prayer beads. They contain a fixed number of beads excluding an end bead or counting aid. These beads are made of wood, gemstone, seeds or bone. Each material has a symbolic meaning. Malas are mainly used in Buddhism and Hinduism.

A Handy Meditation Aid

A mala is used during meditations and services. The beads help to count prayers, mantras, breaths or affirmations. The Asian mala therefore resembles other spiritual bead necklaces such as the rosary and tasbih. The special thing about the mala is the number of beads. Most Mala Necklaces contain 108. That is an important mystical number. Smaller malas contain half or a quarter of that. These shorter strings are worn as Mala Bracelets. Because you meditate or pray with your eyes closed, a mala often contains a Guru Bead or Counting Aids. Counting aids divide the chain into shorter pieces so it’s easier to know how far you are. The Guru Bead then marks the end of the necklace. For many people, reaching this bead is a moment of reflection.

Beads and Materials

Malas are made from various traditional materials such as wood, gemstones, seeds, and bones. These often have a spiritual meaning.

Rudraksha Malas are made from Rudraksha seeds. These dried berries are sacred in Hinduism as they represent warmth and compassion. In addition to berries, lotus and bodhi seeds are also used for traditional malas. The lotus is a symbol of enlightenment and growth in Hinduism. In Buddhism, the bodhi tree is important. According to tradition, it was under this type of tree that Buddha attained his enlightenment. Wooden malas also remind us of our own growth. With gemstone necklaces, the meaning of the stone is important. In addition to plant based and stone malas, there are also animal ones made from bone or shell. Skull malas often contain beads of yak bones and refer to the cycle of life. Shells on the other hand are actually lucky symbols. You mainly encounter them in Tibetan Buddhism and find them on Tibetan malas.

As Spiritual Jewelry

Malas are not just useful meditation aids. You can also wear them as spiritual jewelry. For many people, a mala is a symbol of reflection. The bead type then refers to a thought or philosophy with personal meaning to the wearer. The counting aids are also often well-known spiritual symbols.

Storing and Caring for Malas

Prayer cords are best kept in a Mala Bag or on an altar. Many people hang their mala around a Ganesha Statue. Malas made of wood and Rudraksha need some natural oil from time to time. Rudraksha seeds can otherwise start to release residue if they come into contact with moisture. Seeds, bones and shells are cleaned with a damp cloth and some natural soap. Care of gemstones can be found in these Basic Tips.

Authentic Malas at Spiru

In our range you will find all traditional and contemporary mala varieties. Authentic Buddhist malas can be found in the collection of Tibetan Malas. Also check out counting aids, mala clips and guru beads. Or take a look at the hearty Rudraksha Malas. Do you want to wear these spiritual prayer beads as jewelry? Then the Mala Necklaces and Bracelets are great for you. And don’t forget to pick out a nice Mala Bag. Your spiritual jewelry collection starts with Spiru!