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Malas are Asian prayer cords. They contain a fixed number of beads excluding a bead or counting aid. These beads are made of wood, gemstone, seeds or been. Every material has a symbolic meaning. Malas are mainly used in Buddhism and Hinduism.
A handy meditation aid
A mala is used during meditations and services. The beads help to count the number of prayers, mantras, breaths or affirmations. The Asian mala therefore resembles other spiritual bead necklaces such as the rose wreath and tasbih. The special thing about the mala is the number of beads. Most Mala Necklaces contain there 108. That is an important mystical number. Smaller mala contain half or a quarter of them. For example, you get shorter Mala Bracelets. Because you meditate or pray with your eyes closed, a mala often contains a guru bead or telhulpen. The guru bead then indicates the end of the chain. For many people, that is a moment of reflection.
Beads and materials
Malas are made from various traditional materials such as wood, gemstone, seeds and bones. These often have a spiritual meaning.
Rudraksha Malas are made from Rudraksha seeds. These dried berries are holy in Hinduism, because they stand for heartedness and compassion . Besides berries, lotus and bodhi seeds are also used in traditional mala’s. In Hinduism, the lotus is a symbol of lighting and growth. In Buddhism, the bodhi tree is important. Under this tree Boeddha reached, according to the stories, his enlightenment. Also wooden mala’s are reminiscent of the symbolism of growth. The meaning of the stone is important for necklaces made of gemstone.  Besides vegetable mala’s, there are also animal mala’s made of bone or shell. Skull galas often contain beads of yak bones and refer to the circle of life. Shells are just happy symbols. You will encounter them mainly in Tibetan Buddhism.
A spiritual jewel
Malas are not only useful meditation aids. You can also wear them as spiritual jewellery. For many people, a mala is a symbol of reflection. The type of beads refers to a beautiful thought or philosophy. Also the telhulpen are often known spiritual symbols.
Save and take care of galas
It is best to store prayer cords in a Mala Bagje or on an altar. Many people hang their mala around a Ganesha image. Malas made of wood and Rudraksha sometimes need some natural oil. Rudraksha seeds may go different giving off by contacting moisture. Seeds, bone and shells rub clean with a damp cloth and some natural soap.

Authentic mala’s at Spiru
In our assortment you will find all traditional and contemporary types of moulds. Authentic Buddhist mala’s can be found in the collection Tibetan Malas. Also think of telhelps, mala clips and guru beads. Or take a look at the cordial Rudraksha Malas . Do you want to wear these spiritual prayer cords as jewelry? Take a look at the Kettingen and Bracelets. And don’t forget to pick a beautiful Mala Bagje. Your spiritual jewelry collection starts with Spiru!


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