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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Power Beads

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Power Beads

Power Beads are gemstone bracelets with round beads. These beads are strung on elastic and inspired by Asian prayer beads. They resemble the malas worn by Buddhist monks, including the Dalai Lama. That is why Power Beads are sometimes called Buddha Bracelets or Mala Bracelets.

Power Beads as Mala

Just like a Buddhist Mala, Power Beads contain a fixed number of beads. You can use them during prayer or meditation. For example, to count mantras, affirmations, prayers or breaths. Power Beads also often have a somewhat larger closing bead. It is called a guru bead. This slightly larger bead marks the end of one round. Because they are used to count mantras similarly to how Malas are used, Power Beads are sometimes called Mala Bracelets. Are you looking for a counting cord with wooden beads or traditional seeds? You will find them in our assortment of Mala Bracelets. You can also wear Mala Necklaces as bracelets, so don’t forget to check out our authentic Malas!

Gemstone Bracelets

Power Beads are worn as a bracelet. This way you always have a helpful meditation aid with you! You can easily take these on and off for a meditation session. In addition, the bracelet reminds you of the peace, strength and compassion within yourself. The type of gemstone naturally also contributes to the spiritual effect. Gemstones have symbolic meanings. For example, choose a rose quartz bracelet to focus on love. Or use Jasper and Agate to connect to Earth. Black Onyx and Cat Eye are thought to help absorb negative energy or process the past. Green Aventurine and Jade are also very popular because of their positive vibes: according to many, these stones enhance well-being and growth. Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of knowledge, truth and insight. It just depends on what you need and which type of stone appeals to you the most. You can of course also wear powerbeads as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thereā€™s nothing wrong with that at all!