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For a Zenful Life
The Webshop for a Zenful Life
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9.1/10


This is where our products come from

Spiru Spiru

We purchase our products very carefully from reputable suppliers around the world. For example, we support projects that give women fair opportunities in various developing countries to combat discrimination and provide safe and good working conditions.

Spiru, for a Zenful Life

At Spiru, we sell spiritual products, but there is more than meets the eye! In our spiritual webshop, you’ll find items from all over the world. Countless traditions are represented in what our webshop has to offer. At Spiru, we believe that personal growth means something else for everyone, which is why we like to keep our product range and service accessible. If you ask us, we’re all spiritual adventurers, because everyone is searching for the unknown to a certain degree, right?

On an Adventure with Spiru

We think that being a spiritual adventurer in this modern society can be quite challenging. People often juggle work, communication and education on a daily basis. Thus, searching for balance can be very important; for example, between reflection and activity, or between being relaxed and being a go-getter. Thinking about topics like these is an example of how you can include spirituality in your daily life. Which is why, in the Spiru webshop, you’ll find traditional products that guide you in finding a modern middle ground to practice spirituality. Inspiration is not limited to time, but we don’t have to tell you that, of course!

Feeling Zen and Positive

At Spiru, we have everything you need to live a zenful life. Think about items that inspire you to add some ‘zen’ and positivity to your routine. According to us, these ingredients make life a bit more beautiful: a dosis ‘zen’ to be able to reflect, and a dash of ‘positivity’ to make life more cheerful. We strongly believe that you can achieve anything you want, as long as you have curiousity and humour. We’re very optimistic, as you can tell, and we have no problem with that!

Your Daily Dose of Spirituality

You probably know at least one person in your environment who loves meditation, yoga or lights some candles from time to time. Those are actually very simple ways to find your daily dose of spirituality. At Spiru, we believe in the power of little things. Consequently, our products are especially affordable, so you’re always able to find something to work with. Whether that’s a modest smudge, a set of orgonite pyramids or big crystal singing bowls. Accessible options are to be found for everyone. Are you a beginner or do you need some more information? In our blogs you can read tips & trucs that will help you get going!

Finding what you’re Looking For

It’s very important to us that you’re able to make an informed decision. Not only when it comes to items that are vegan, fair trade or biological, but also with regard to your favourite materials, symbols and gemstones. Our entire website is built to be user-friendly. It seems to be an open door, but we would like for you to find what you’re looking for. If you need cheese, you don’t want to be tricked into buying strawberry jam. Call us crazy, but we like to keep it simple and clear. Are you looking for a gift with special meaning? No fear, that is why we created our Spiru Gift Seeker. Have fun!





The Largest Spiritual Webshop

In our spiritual webshop, you’ll find an extensive product range of more than 15.000 items. Whatever you value, you can buy it at Spiru. When you’re looking for authentic incense, vegan and natural care products, real gemstones and minerals, ritual objects, spiritual jewelry or anything for an inspiring home & living, you’re in the right place at Spiru! We carefully select our suppliers based on quality and product knowledge. As a result, you always know what to expect!

Choosing from the Spiru Collection

In the Spiru webshop, you’ll not only find the well-known brands, but also a special Spiru Collection. These Spiru brand products are selected by us manually, so you’re always assured of good quality products for a great price. For example, within the Spiru brand collection, we have our favourite white sage and palo santo, but also real crystal pocket stones, pendulums and gemstone pyramids. And how about orgonite or authentic, copper tongue scrapers? Besides, we keep adding new products to our webshop. If you’re curious about these new products, you can register for our Newsletter; doing so also means that you’ll receive a discount to welcome you as our customer. Nice bonus!

The Journey to our Warehouse

Spiru products come from afar. Our exotic packages often travel about 6.000 kilometers before they arrive on your doorstep. Because of this impressive journey, all Spiru items have a unique delivery time. Products stored in our warehouse are dispatched within 1-2 business days. Have you ordered something that still has to travel? In that case, you’ll receive your package within 1-8 business days. When you have selected items with various delivery times, the longest delivery time counts. Do you have any further questions? Head to our shipment page to read all about it.

Environmentally Friendly Shipments

At Spiru, we dream of a future where shipments are entirely environmentally friendly. That’s a big challenge, but one we’re very willing to take on. We improve our shipment procedures step by step. For example, we dispatch all your items simultaneously; that does not only save packing materials, but also valuable fuel for the delivery vans. Additionally, fragile products are protected with either used cardboard or our special packing foam. Our packing foam is made of potato starch and easily dissolves in water, which means you can dispose of them in your green waste bin! We also use, where possible, biodegradable plastic, and our Spiru Tape is reusable. Rest assured you’ll receive a package that is meant for long life!