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Silver Gemstone Pendants

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Silver Pendants with Gemstone Buy

Silver Pendants with Gemstone are gemstone pendants that contain real silver. The silver used in these jewellery is also called 925 silver or sterling silver.

What types of silver are there?

The difference in silver types has to do with the percentage of silver in it. Fine or pure silver contains 99.9%. It is very soft and fragile. To make silver jewelry, you need a stronger kind. That is why the blacksmith mixes pure silver with small amounts of other metal. Such a mixture is called a alloy. The best known alloy is sterling silver. This silver version contains 7.5% other metal and at least 92.5% pure silver. Because of this percentage, it is also known as 925. These three digits are often engraved into the product. So you can be sure it’s real silver! The description of our products always clearly states which silver has been used and how.

The symbolic meaning of silver

The symbolic meaning of silver
You might not expect it, but silver also has a special meaning. It used to be used as decoration and means of payment, but also stood for purity and feminine strength. In medieval alchemy, for example, the material silver was marked with a half moon symbol. The shiny silver was connected to the moon. It reflects sunlight, just as the water surface reflects the moon. Mirrors used to contain a layer of silver. And that is also very symbolic. Because what does your mirror image tell you according to fairy tales and stories? The truth! That is why silver also stands for honesty and good intentions. Pure and beautiful, that silver!

Edel stone pendants with silver

Silver pendants with gemstones are available in all kinds of variations. It depends on the type of stone how the silver is processed. And of course to the blacksmith’s imagination! That’s why you’ll find beautiful craft back in our collection.
For example, you can use a whole gemstone in silver . A polished or rough stone is then given a silver sleeve. This protects the stone at the back and emphasizes its beauty. The stone can have different shapes. Round, oval, square, everything is available there.
There are also pendants with silverware and small stones. That can be one crystal or more. For example with some Chakra Pendants or other spiritual symbols.

How do I choose a silver gemstone pendant?
For many people, precious stones and minerals have a symbolic meaning. They then stand for certain characteristics or natural forces. Some say they have a special energy. That’s why stones are often used as a tool. Or as a reminder to a wish or intent. For others, crystals are just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is of course very special that something so beautiful comes from the earth!
You can therefore choose a gemstone pendant with silver in different ways. Maybe you need some symbolic power. For example, to make your best intentions come true. Then you can choose a stone in silver that suits you. You can also rely on your intuition. Take your time to look around. There is plenty to find!