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Free affirmation card with every order ­čśŹ
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

The therapeutic effects of Stationery
In this digital age it is much less common to write. Nowadays, everything is on the computer. Everything is typed. Tickets are sent via the internet. It’s a pity, isn’t it? The old craft is lost as a result. Yet there is still a lot of manual writing in the Himalayan area. They make beautiful typographical works of art. Weeks in front of a closed one they are writing or drawing. It has a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Try it for fun. Write out an e-mail on paper. At Spiru we emphasize the therapeutic effect of writing instruments. Relax by writing, drawing or coloring.
Colour books for adults & notebooks
As a child, you could spend hours on it in the past. Colouring of coloring pages. Why don’t you do it any more now? Colours have a wonderfully relaxing effect. It is a form of meditation. Just like making puzzles, you forget everything around you. We have beautiful therapeutic coloring books. Colour books especially for adults. It has an anti-stress effect. The coloring pages have beautiful Buddhist images. Think of mandalas, images of Boeddha and much more. We also sell beautiful notebooks. These are mostly handmade. Nice to use as a diary, for example.
Spiritual stickers with beautiful prints
We also have an extensive collection with beautiful stickers. Think for example of beautiful flower of life, mandala lotus and other Spiritual prints.  Many different formats for a colorful effect. Nice for example to stick on your car window. The mantra stickers are also popular. Glue them high up on windows to let the wind carry the mantras.
Inspiring postcards
Want to send an inspiring card? Then the postcards category is for you. The cards are all produced in a sustainable way. In addition, they have beautiful images. The inspiring quotes even make the cards fun to list.