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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Drop Pendants

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Drop Pendants are gemstone pendants cut into a drop shape or as a cone. They usually have a ring, but can also be drilled. Gemstone drop pendants are between 25 and 43 mm long.

The drop as a symbol

A drop is a small quantity, but no less important. Something can be ‘the last drop’. Or how about ‘the drop hollows out the stone’. Small causes can have major consequences. As long as they are repeated! For example, something small just has a great power. Like a mountain stream that slowly turns into a river. Or a seed from which a plant grows.
The oval shape of the droplet also has to do with this. The term ‘oval‘ comes from the Latin word for ‘ei‘. And as you may know, the egg symbolizes protection and new life.
It is also no coincidence that drops resemble trans. In different traditions, human emotions are compared with water. For example in the chakraleer or astrology. Feeling is often compared to a flowing river. According to this idea, surrender usually makes room for something new. So drip hangers can remind you of the love and acceptance you need.

What drop hanger suits me?
Drop Pendants are very personal. For example, you can choose a stone that suits your feeling. What would you like to accept? Gemstones and minerals have a symbolic meaning. You can also just choose a hanger that appeals to you. Maybe your choice will tell you something surprising!

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