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Gemstone Pendants

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Delivery stones Pendants are pendants that contain Real gemstone. They have a certain processing or symbolic form. They can also be inlaid in various metals such as silver or steel

Symbolic gemstone pendants

According to many, stones have a special energy. They come from the ground and are incredibly old. For many people, a real gemstone brings the nature closer. Moreover, each species has its own symbolic qualities and properties. So choose a crystal that suits you and wear it on your heart. This way you can build a bond with your gemstone!

Skinds of gemstone pendants

Rough Pendants are the least edited. Their authentic appearance makes them real eye-catchers. If you prefer a smooth stone, look at our Gepolijste or Doordrilled Pendants. These jewels are simple but beautiful. The same goes for our Cut Pendants such as the Crystal Points. Are you looking for a special spiritual sign? There is also an enormous amount of choice in this area. We have universal symbols such as Crosses, English, Hearts and Peace Pendants. All executed in real gemstone. Other spiritual jewels are also not missing, such as Skulls, Donuts and Drop Pendants. Are you interested in energy work? Then you will surely enjoy our Orgonite Pendants. The same goes for the Health Pendants and Sterrenbeeld Pangers. For many people, gemstones are a support in the back. So choose a gemstone pendant that suits your needs!

Gemstone with silver

Were you looking for a Silver Pendant with Gemstone? We also have a special offer for this. For example, you’ll find unique handmade pendants with special silverware. Rnew, polished or polished stones are then used in different ways.  So you will always find a quality silver jewelry to your taste!

Giving away gemstone pendants

Delivery stones jewelry are of course always special to give as gifts. You not only give away a unique gift, but also a beautiful thought. There are cheap jewelry for a nice thing, but also some more expensive pendants of silver. This is how you give great energy to someone you appreciate. Always good, we think!