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Magnetic Jewelry Buying
Magnetic jewelry are jewelry with magnetic material. They are usually made of copper and hematics. The jewelry often have a magnetic closure.
Skinds of Jewelry
We have a beautiful collectionof affordable magnetic jewellery. Think of beautiful bracelets with a Chakra design or other beautiful decorations. Also Spiru gives a home to bracelets and necklaces with coloured beads and precious stones. When purchasing these items, please note the sense of a certain colour or special gemstone. It is also good to learn more about the effect of magnetic copper and hematite. This way you will always find something that suits you right now!
Copper and Hematite
Copper is a red-like metal. Most people wear copper to feel some extra moed and self-confidence. It can also help you to experience love and harmony. Physically, copper would be suitable to support you in the healing process of various ailments.

Hematiet is a black-grey stone with a metal gloss. This stone is known as earthen and protective. Many people use the stone to dispose of wastes or negative energies and to promote the blood circulation. Hematite is also a symbol of properties such as moed and willpower.
Jewellery with a special effect at Spiru
At Spiru we sell magnetic jewellery. In combination with the most beautiful gemstones and beads, these are both beautiful and elegant. They will not look out of place for you! Are you interested in other sieradings with a special effect? Then take a look at the Edelstenen Bracelets, Edelsteen Pendants, Edelsteen Chains and Rings. Do you like more of the distinctive Chakra styles? Then go for the Chakra Bracelets, Hangers and Chains.


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