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Tibetan Jewelry

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Tibetan Jewelry Online Buying

Tibetan jewelry is jewelry with symbols from Tibetan Buddhism. They are made of Tibetan silver, metal and copper. They also contain traditional gemstones such as turquoise and coral.

The significance of Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetans value their jewellery based on colour, size and symbolism. In fact, they are known for it. Tibetan jewellery has a long and rich history. For example, traditional Tibetan clothing consists mainly of jewellery. Moreover, they are a deeply rooted symbol of spirituality. By wearing jewelry, Tibetans strengthen the bond with their saints. Therefore, the jewelry can not be large or colorful enough!

Turquoise and Coral

Turquoise is an opaque gemstone with a blue-green colour. This stone is found in the Himalayan area. Tibetans believe that turquoise protects the wearer from negative energy and helps with happiness in life. According to Tibetan traditions, coral balances the effects of turquoise. That is why they are used together in Tibetan jewelry.
Coral is red, opaque and also has a spiritual meaning. According to the Tibetans, coral is one of the Seven Treasures. Therefore it is common in prayer chains. For Tibetans, coral is a symbol of vitality and success. It would also be a good talisman against evil spirits.

Tibetan Silver

Tibetan silver consists of a mixture of silver and other types of metal such as copper or white metal. That is why Tibetan silver is often darker than the 925 variant. The Tibetan variant also remains beautiful for much longer. It doesn’t lose its gloss, even when worn frequently. So if you are looking for a symbolic piece of good quality jewellery, then this type of silver may be something for you.

Buddhist symbols

Tibetan jewellery contains important Buddhist symbols. Think Ohm sign, Lotus and Dorje. And of course Forgot symbols like the Oneindige Knoop and Ritual Shell or Sankha. Shamballa Bracelets refer to a Buddhist myth about a lost kingdom. The mantra Om Mani Padme Hum can be found at the Tibetan Rings, especially for chanting and meditation.

Our Buddhist jewelry collection

Our Buddhist jewelry collection

Spiru has a great collection of authentic Tibetan jewelry. These timeless jewelry are not only beautiful, but also meaningfull. Here you will find Tibetan Silver, Hangers, Bracelets, Rings or unique Shamballa Bracelets. Or check out our Tibetan Malas. Your spiritual jewelry collection starts with Spiru!