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Boho Necklaces

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Boho Necklace

You’ve probably heard of it: the Boho Style. This style is characterized by flowy skirts, many floral prints and other patterns and lots of jingling jewelry, such as boho beaded necklaces. The beauty of the Bohemian style is that it truly is a matter of ‘the more the better’. So you can go completely wild with our Bohemian Necklaces!

Where Does Boho Style Come From

As hip as it is, Boho style didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, but rather it has a long history. Bohemia is the western part of the Czech Republic. The word ‘Bohemian’ is the French word for gypsies in France, who claimed to be from Bohemia. Bohemian eventually became a generic name for the French Roma gypsies. Eventually this term came to mean more of a lifestyle than meaning literally gypsies, and in English this is how we use the term.

In the nineteenth century in France, the Roma gypsies developed their own culture and rebelled against the prevailing norms, culture and especially against materialism. Freedom, creativity, and individualism is what they lived for. The clothes they wore were therefore given the name Bohemian Style and quickly became associated with people who lived freely and creatively. Particularly in the world of artists and alternative, spiritually oriented groups, people could identify with this clothing style and philosophy of life that underlies it. If you need help picturing bohemian jewelry, necklaces like a Large Amulet are great examples!

Boho “Gypsy” Necklace

For years, the Bohemian style of clothing was the style of artists and intellectuals. They wanted to distinguish themselves with bohème, because as an artist you have to be able to think freely. The Bohemian Clothing Style is a fashion style that is closely related to hippie fashion, with retro patterns, neutral and warm tones, natural fabrics and many statement accessories. We can say that it really is a culture in itself!

The Bohemian look of the moment is still influenced by this gypsy style even though it emerged from Ibiza. Think of long wide skirts, lots of prints and colours, wide shirts, ponchos and lots of jewelry with stones, feathers, beads, leather and symbols. You can never go wrong with a long boho necklace. For this style, the more bohemian long necklaces, the better! You will find your bohemian beaded necklaces in different materials and lengths. This bohemian necklace with a Flower Pattern might be right up your alley.

More Boho Jewelry at Spiru

In addition to different long boho beaded necklaces, we also have different Bohemian Bracelets and Bohemian Earrings. We bet you will steal your show with a Boho Collar Necklace and sparkling fingers full of Boho Rings? You can never go wrong with a long boho necklace from Spiru.