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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Gemstone Pendants

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Buying a Gemstone Pendant

Gemstone pendants are pendants with real gemstones. Among other things, they can be cut or polished, or they have a symbolic shape. It is also possible they are inlaid in different metals, such as silver or steel. The gemstone pendants contain a glued, silver plated bellcap or a little drilled eye. 

Symbolic Pendant

According to many people, stones have a special energy. They come out of the ground and are unbelievably old. Thus, many people feel as if a real gemstone establishes a close connection with nature. Besides, every gemstone is said to have its own symbolic qualities and attributes. Minerals and gemstones in combination with jewellery such as gemstone pendants are extra special; besides a beautiful and unique pendant, you also have a jewel with symbolic meaning. Thus, you should choose a crystal with spiritual meaning that suits you and wear it on your heart. In doing so, you will bond with your gemstone. 

Various Gemstone Pendants

At Spiru, there are different options when it comes to buying gemstone pendants. Because we have so many variants, there is a suitable gemstone pendant for everyone. You can choose from:

  • Rough pendants
  • Polished pendants
  • Pierced pendants
  • Cut pendants
  • Pendants with symbols
  • Orgonite pendants
  • Health pendants
  • Zodiac sign pendants

Gemstone Pendants with Rough Stones

Rough pendants are, well, rough. They are the least polished. They are real eye catchers because of their authentic look.

Pendant with Polished Gemstones

Do you prefer a more smooth stone? Take a look at our polished pendants. They are tumbled gemstone pendants or stones, crafted by hand. They are more brightly coloured and shine a little more in comparison to the rough pendants.

Pierced Gemstone Pendants

Pierced Pendants are popular because of their neat but beautiful appearance. They can be tumbled stones, but they can also be figures with a hole in them. Sometimes they come with a cord or a necklace; if this is the case, it is always mentioned in the product description.

Cut Pendants with Gemstones

Cut pendants are gemstones that are cut. They have an organic shape, or facets are organically shaped. The cut method is mainly applied to transparent natural stones, because it emphasises the glitter and brightness of the stone.

Pendant Chain Stone with Symbol

Are you looking for a specific spiritual sign? In that category, too, there is an abundance of choice. Spiru has all kinds of universal symbols available, like cross pendants, guardian angel pendants, heart pendants and peace pendants. All of them contain a real gemstone. Spiru also has other spiritual jewellery, like the skull pendants, donuts and drop pendants. 

Orgonite Pendants

Are you interested in energy work? You’ll probably enjoy our orgonite pendants. These pendants are made of the material orgonite, which is a special combination of metal, gemstones and synthetic resin. According to experts, this causes the pendant to have an extraordinary effect. Furthermore, you will often find spiritual symbols on an orgonite pendant, such as the flower of life; it is believed that, as a result, you would get even more power from these pendants!

Necklace with Health Pendant

To many people, health pendants are a helping hand. These pendants have polished gemstones that are laced to a disposable chain. All these products come with a display card on which the purported power that is believed to belong to the chosen pendant necklace stone is explained. 

Gemstone with Silver

Are you looking for a silver pendant with a gemstone? Of those, too, spiru has a special range to choose from. For example, in this category you will find unique, handmade pendants with extraordinary silverware. Rough, cut or polished stones are inserted in different ways. At Spiru, you will always find a good-quality silver jewel that matches your taste!

Taking Care of your Gemstone Pendants

You take care of gemstone pendants just as you would of crystals: you clean and charge them regularly. In doing so, make sure you pay attention to the metal or silver that surrounds it. 

Gemstone Pendant with Meaning as a Gift

Gemstone jewellery is a special gift. Additionally, such a gift has a beautiful thought behind it. Even if you do not believe in the function of the stones, they remain very special. They are timeless, beautiful and colourful. There are cheaper spiritual pendants available, but there are also more expensive stone pendants made of silver. In any case, it is a beautiful gift for someone you love and/or appreciate!

Gemstone Pendants with Birthstone

A birthstone pendant is a gemstone pendant that symbolises the month in which you were born. According to stories, it is a real personal talisman amulet that gives you power and inspiration. Many people connect birthstones to the Bible, in which it is told that the final breast shield contained 12 gemstones, and each one matched with one of the tribes of Israel. Despite the fact that the gemstones we use these days do not match completely with the ones from the bible, enthusiasts say that the symbolism stays intact! Furthermore, a birthstone is a very personal gift that is always positively received!

Spiritual Zodiac Sign Chain Pendants 

In this category, Spiru has pendants with gemstones that belong to your zodiac sign. They contain a natural stone that, like with the health pendant, has been laced to a disposable chain. The gemstone matches one of the zodiac signs or an angel symbol. The zodiac sign pendant is linked to your date of birth and your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is also called a sun sign in the world of astrology. The place of the sun is believed to indicate your ego, your drive and your deepest wish. However, that is only a part of your personality. In a birth horoscope, all zodiac signs are included. It is believed that your ascendant, which is the way you present yourself to the outside world, is also important. Furthermore, your moon sign is also meaningful; it symbolises your emotional life. Thus, it is possible for you to wear different zodiac sign pendants; it just depends on which zodiac sign you connect with the most. It is also an option to wear a different stone each month; a beautiful way to go along with the seasons.

Gemstone Pendants for the Heart Chakra

Every pendant stone is believed to have its own symbolism, connected to another chakra. Despite that, many people choose a gemstone pendant, because they wear it on their heart. It is believed that wearing it on your heart means having your symbolic jewellery always close to your heart chakra. Especially pink and green stones are popular, such as the jade pendants, rose quartz pendants, amazonite pendants and aventurine pendants.

Separate Chain for the Gemstone Pendant

Does your order not contain a chain to go with the pendant? You could take a look at our necklaces. In addition to other materials, Spiru has beautiful silver necklaces for your symbolic pendant. It is even a possibility to combine your pendant with additional gemstone beads. And of course, you never have to worry about the price.

Additional Spiritual Jewellery at Spiru

Do you never grow tired of the beautiful symbolism? Take a look at our gemstone necklaces, gemstone rings and lucky pendants. You always want to wear good energy, right?