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Free affirmation card with every order ­čśŹ
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Buying Meditation Products

Meditation is becoming more and more famous in our increasingly busy society. And that is a good thing, because meditation offers so many benefits. It prevents stress and ensures relaxation. That is everything you could wish for after a long day. When you want to meditate comfortably, you should have the right meditation items. At Spiru, we have everything you could possibly need for a good meditation session. 

Meditation Accessories for Support

During meditation, a comfortable seating position is essential. At Spiru, you find meditation cushions in all shapes, forms, colours and sizes; every one of them very sturdy and filled with sustainable buckwheat chaff. A meditation cushion supports your posture while seated. The cushion ensures that you are seated with a straight back, which results in you being able to remain seated in the same position for a longer period of time. The more comfortable, the better the meditation. Being comfortable prevents you from being distracted during meditation. 

More support with Meditation Benches

For extra support, you could also consider meditation benches. Our meditation benches are sturdy and offer extra support to your knees and joints. They are perfect for the prevention or relief of pain. The benches are suitable for beginners, but can also be used if you want to get more out of your meditation. More experienced meditators can thus also benefit from a meditation bench. 

Meditation Products for Extra Comfort

Our meditation mats and shawls offer the needed comfort. Meditation mats are available in all kinds of colours and variants, such as the colours and symbols of the chakras. All the mats in our collection are delightfully soft and sturdy at the same time. A thick mat is recommended when you are looking for soft support and protection against a cold surface. A thin meditation mat is more suitable for when you travel around a lot but still like to meditate comfortably. You can easily fold the thin meditation mat and take it with you in your bag. For extra warmth, you could take a look at the shawls. Almost all our meditation blankets are handmade in Nepal and consist of high, sustainable quality. Our meditation shawls do not only provide warmth, they are also quite large. You can get lost in our XL blankets of 2 meters. For those interested, we also have high quality ponchos. In addition to a shawl being a valuable addition to your meditation clothing, you can use it when you are relaxing on the couch in the evening. In short, at our Spiru meditation shop we have everything you need in relation to meditation.

Meditation Gift

Do you want to start your meditation all zen and happy? Allow yourself (or someone else) a meditation gift, so you will be able to start with your new ritual immediately. Make yourself comfortable by meditating with our Spiru meditation cushion Flower of Life. Keep yourself warm with our green meditation shawl. Furthermore, a sustainable meditation mat cannot be missed, or maybe use a sustainable wooden meditation bench if you prefer that!