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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Gemstone Bracelets

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Gemstone Bracelets are bracelets with real natural stone beads. These beads have different shapes. For example, there are Split Bracelets and Nugget Bracelets, but also traditional round Beaded Bracelets or Power Beads. Gemstone bracelets usually contain at elastics, but there are also variants with a closure. Bracelets with crystals are worn for their symbolic meaning.

Spiritual bracelets with gemstone

The bracelet is a special spiritual piece of jewelry. They seem very commonplace, but they are absolutely not! Bracelets have been worn for centuries as symbolic sign. They indicate that the wearer has a special status or are a visible memory of something important.
Gemstone bracelets have twice as much meaning. According to many people, stones have a symbolic power. A stone bracelet reminds you of your wishes in everything you do. And the power of the gemstone of course!

Skinds of beads and edits

Gemstones and minerals can be shaped into beads in different ways. The round beads of for example Power Beads are sharpened. This way they are completely smooth and even. Nugget beads are then polished or drummed again. That is why they are more natural. They therefore look much more like the original shape of the stone. Split beads are the most capricious. They are produced as precious stone chips during the processing process. These small pieces of rough stone remain after cutting out larger parts. Polishing then makes the split beads portable. So there is a whole story before your gemstone jewelry!

What gemstone bracelet suits me?

Gemstone bracelets usually contain elastic. In that case they have no closure. So they fit on almost every wrist. Of course there are also beautiful variants with metal, silver or leather such as the Wrap Bracelets. These often contain charms with a spiritual sign. Bracelets with charms are therefore available in abundance! It’s about the bracelet being something for you. So use your intuition above all. Can’t you choose between stones, materials and charms? Take a look at our Mix Bracelets. A paradise for the spiritual jewelry fan!