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  • Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10


  • Unique Products from 44+ Countries
  • Customers rate Spiru 9/10


This is where our products come from

Spiru Spiru

We purchase our products very carefully from reputable suppliers around the world. For example, we support projects that give women fair opportunities in various developing countries to combat discrimination and provide safe and good working conditions.

Buying Wellness Products

Taking good care of yourself is important. Both mind and body deserve your attention. You only feel good when they are balanced. At Spiru we know that like no other. All products in our wellness category are consciously selected on this basis. Furthermore, Spiru has organic products of high quality, which are imported from the Himalayas.

Vital Water Bottles, Glasses, Cups and Mugs

What about the special Soulbottle Drinking Bottles? We all drink water because it is so healthy. But did you know that it is also important to drink it from a good bottle? Only then will you drink vital and fresh water. That’s why we sell copper water bottles with beautiful spiritual symbols. These have been made and used in India for over 200 years. If you are aware of the healing power of certain gemstones, we have the right drinking bottles for you. The VitaJuwel line provides you with all the elements you need to create a balanced life. Other than the bottles, we also have an extensive collection with Glasses & Cups, waterBottles & Jugs. Each and every item is beautiful to look at. By incorporating a Flower of Life design, the products are truly unique.

Biological Care Products

We also have an extensive product line with Biological Care Products for your face, hair and body. All of these products are biological and sustainable, and are imported from the Himalayas. This is why these products are completely different from what you are used to getting at your local supermarket or drugstore. Exquisite care products without any additives or other harmful substances. After just one use, you will be hooked!

Essential Oils and Fragrance Stones

In addition, you can take good care of yourself by using our wonderful scents. Fragrances help you to relax instantly, because the right receptors are activated in your brain. Our Essential Oils collection is incredibly is incredibly strong and durable. These fragrances last longer than any other perfume you have ever tried. Other popular items are our fragrance stones. These are incredibly easy to use: pour a few drops on the porous surface of the stone until the oil evaporates. Afterwards, a wonderful scent will be released that fills the air.

Neti Pots & Himalayan Salt

Neti Pots are special water containers with a long spout for rinsing your nose and nasal cavities. By mixing water and salt, it is easy to keep your respitory system in top condition. In ancient times, using salt for fast cold and flu relief. It was also employed for alleviating other ailments. Finally, we have an extensive collection of Himalayan salt. Himalayan Salt can also be used for cooking. It contains more minerals than the average cooking salt.

Massage and Yoni Massage

Spiru has a beautiful collection of gemstone products for Massage or Yoni Massage. Gemstone massage products are used to work with energy on or in the body. These gemstones are natural stones cut in a specific shape. For this reason, the properties of the crystal are strengthened. This will allow you to apply different massage techniques with each instrument and to achieve different energetic effects.

Gemstone massage products are not only convenient in their use, but they make for a pleasant contact with the skin. These qualitative tools are indispensable for any holistic therapist or practitioner. Ofcourse you can also try them yourself! This is especially true for our Yoni Massage products. A Yoni egg or massage stick are wonderful tools for introspection and the development of self-love!