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Flower of Life Earrings Online Buying

Flower of Life earrings are earrings that contain the Flower of Life symbol. They are made from natural materials such as brass, 925 silver and precious stones. The earrings are available in different designs. For example, we have earrings with a ‘Flower of Life’ or Seed of Life design.

What is the meaning of the Flower of Life?
In many different cultures, the age-old Levensbloem is a well-known symbol. It is one of the most powerful symbols of nature from the saintly geometry. This is where mathematics, geometry and spirituality come together. De Levensbloem interprets the unit of all creations. The Flower of Life includes everything. It shows us that the earth was created on the basis of specific geometric forms that we find everywhere in nature and our humanity. In short, this symbol contains all the wisdom of the universe.

The Seed of Life is the core of the Flower of Life. This symbol consists of seven circles. The number seven refers to the creation of the earth in seven days. Many people see the Seed of Life as the source of all life. This is not just about the living beings on our earth. The Seed of Life goes beyond that. It relates to the entire universe. Both the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life express the creative power of the divine. The Seed of Life also symbolizes female creativity and fertility.

The operation of Flower of Life earrings

A Flower of Life amulet has several effects. For example, you can wear it as an amulet against negativity or for promoting positive energy and power. These radiant earrings can also help you to feel connected to everything around you. Finally, it can increase your creativity. Would you rather give a Flower of Life ring to a loved one? Give it as a gift on a special day and surround her or him with some extra positivity and love!

Flower of Life Earrings & Other Jewelry at Spiru

At Spiru we sell beautiful Flower of Life earrings. These earrings are a must have for anyone who wants to expand their collection of jewelry with geometric patterns. Each pair of earrings is unique and can carry a special meaning. Enrich your life or that of another with these beautiful Life Flowers. Discover the power of creation that is in your home. Let the Floral of Life revive you! You can’t choose well? Or are you not sure which Flower of Life jewelry suits you or your loved one? Take a look at our collection of Flower of Life Pendants, Flower of Life Bracelets and Flower of Life Rings.


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