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Flower of Life Rings

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Flower of Life Rings Buying Online

Flower of Life rings are made of brass. The rings are available in different designs. So we have silvery, gold colored and copper colored rings. We also offer rings with edelsteen or without gemstone. Two different designs were used, namely the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life. The rings are adjustable.

What is the meaning of the Flower of Life?
Many world civilizations are familiar with the ‘Flower of Life.It is one of the most powerful natural symbols from the saintly geometry. The symbol resembles a hexagon of (nineteen) circles. She interprets the connectedness of all life in the universe. The pattern of the flower of life contains the structure of the entire creation, because it is symbolically depicted as the flower of a fruit tree. The flower contains the seed, which, when it finds the right soil, can grow into a tree again. This is reminiscent of the human growth process. We are born, grow up to adulthood and eventually die and return to earth.

The Seed of Life is the core of the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life consists of seven circles. Here is a direct link to the creation of the earth in seven days. Many people regard the Seed of Life as the origin of all life. Just like the Flower of Life, this symbol stands for the creative power of the divine. The Seed of Life also represents female, creativity and fertility. All life on our earth and in the universe originates from the Seed of Life.

Flower of Life Ring as amulet

Just like the other Flower of Life jewellery, you can also wear a ring as amulet. This can be done in different ways. This way you can attach a Flower of Life ring to a chain and wear it around your neck, while the ring rests on your chest (close to your heart). You can also carry the ring in your pocket or hold it in your hand during an important event. So wherever you go, you’ll have the Flower of Life’s life-nourishing power with you!

A Flower of Life ring establishes a connection between earthly and universal energies. Therefore, the amulet can remove negative blockages and generate positive energy. There is a special connection between the feminine power of creativity and the universal energy of the Seed of Life. An amulet with the Seed of Life can help you as a woman to find your true strength.

Flower of Life Jewelry at Spiru

At Spiru we have selected a nice collection of Flower of Life jewelry for you. They are real treasures, made by craftsmen and women. Don’t digit yourself away. You are the one flower of all flowers! You can achieve anything, as long as you feel the power of your own creativity deep inside you. Is the ring not for you, but for your mother, sister or girlfriend? Give her a Flower of Life ring and put her in the sun. The heat generated by this will make her grow and bloom. You don’t know if a ring is the right gift (for yourself or the other)? Take a look at our Flower of Life Bracelets, Flower of Life Pendants or Flower of Life Earrings.


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