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Boho Jewelry

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Boho Jewelry

Boho (Bohemian) jewelry is jewelry with bohemian and hippie-like influences. They usually contain a mix of materials such as colorful gemstones, charms, and beads. Creative and full of lively flair!

What is Boho?

As hip as it is, Boho Style didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, but rather it has a long history. Bohemia is the western part of the Czech Republic. The word ‘Bohemian’ is the French word for gypsies in France, who claimed to be from Bohemia. Bohemian eventually became a generic name for the French Roma gypsies. Eventually this term came to mean more of a lifestyle than meaning literally gypsies, and in English this is how we use the term.

The Roma gypsies developed their own culture and rebelled against the prevailing norms, culture and especially against materialism. Freedom, creativity, and individualism is what they lived for. The clothes they wore were therefore given the name Bohemian Style and quickly became associated with people who lived freely and creatively. Boho to this day is still known for having an “anything goes” and “the more the better” mentality. There are no rules, just imagination!

Jewelry: Boho Style

If you want to awaken the free spirited Bohemian in you, boho jewelry is a great place to start, and a Spiru we have a wide variety to choose from! Boho style jewelry comes in different designs and they are often colorful. Here you will find all jewelry with feathers, beads, charms, and gemstones. In general, these are large and eye-catching, so pay attention to the size. The principle “less is more” does not apply here. So feel free to wear larger earrings combined with nice vintage bracelets and necklaces. With Boho jewelry you can combine the casual hippie look with chic and romantic details. Are you in for a style that you can put your own spin on? Then give Boho a try!

Boho Jewelry at Spiru

At Spiru we have a great collection of Boho jewelry. These are fun to wear during festivals and parties. The Ibiza Boho style jewelry is a much sought-after item, because it transforms your outfit into a real eye-catcher. In addition, Ibiza Boho Jewelry looks great when you wear it to the beach. This way you will soon shine in the sun. In fact, anything is possible and you can go for the exuberant look! Are you a big fan of this? Then take a look at the:

Bohemian Earrings

Boho earrings are full of symbolism, literally! They often are in the shape of sacred objects or are decorated with meaningful symbols. For example, think of dreamcatchers or mandalas. The dreamcatcher is a common symbol associated with the indiginous people of North America, but it is now popular all over the world. With such a sacred hoop over your bed, bad dreams would be left behind and positive dreams would be strewn over the sleeper. The symbols used in Boho jewelry not only emphasize the beauty of yourself, but also that of the world around you. Because of the many leaves, feathers, and flowers, they represent natural beauty. Do you want to feel connected to the beauty all around you? Then the Boho earrings are definitely something for you!

Boho Bracelets

The Bohemian Bracelets are also a characteristic part of this hip style. The Ohm sign is very popular on bracelets and Mala Bracelets, and so are Wrap Bracelets with the tree of life. Or how about the Crystal Chip Bracelets  and Lotus Bracelets with gemstones such as Amazonite? Another typical bohemian bracelet is the handmade Tibetan bracelet Inner Peace, with beautiful Turquoise. But also other handmade Tibetan Bracelets are perfect for boho style too. Mix & match your favorite combinations!

Boho Pendants

You will also discover different symbols with the bohemian pendants. So you can go for the four-leaf clover, luck guaranteed! Or go for the tree of life or flower of life, which represents both your own development and life itself. It is said that the roots of the tree of life would connect you with the earth and the branches to higher levels of consciousness. The Flower of Life on the other hand, is found in different cultures and symbolizes the inter-connection of everything that lives in the universe.

Boho Necklaces

The boho necklace should definitely not be missing in your collection of boho jewelry. These are usually decorated with eye-catching amulets, colorful rhinestones, beads, feathers, or tassels. Turquoise and Amazonite are especially used a lot. And all that for a great price! What else could you want!?

Bohemian Rings

Most Bohemian Rings in the Spiru collection are adjustable. And that’s for a good reason; we want everyone to be able to give their outfit a boost with these beautiful large rings. Boho is for everyone! The rings are available in both silver and gold. Also think of the Flower of Life, or of large rings with an Amethyst or Turquoise stone in the middle. Boho crystal jewelry like these rings give a boost of gemstone power to your earthy boho beauty.

Ways to Mix Your Bohemian Jewelry

The great thing about Bohemian jewelry is that you can be as creative as you want. The combinations are endless! Nothing is too crazy, everything is possible and allowed, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild. The more unique, the better! However, bohemian jewelry is often large and bright in color, so you may want to keep your outfit basic and your bohemian earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets can shine even more! We can of course also imagine that as a lover of boho jewelry you prefer not to wear a ‘normal’ outfit. Then choose a floral dress, bucket hat, midi skirt with chunky boots or a large hat and cowboy boots. Or are you more into flared jeans and striking tops? There are also countless options for men, from hip blouses to loafers and bucket hats.

Boho Jewelry and Festivals

When you think of Bohemian, you soon think of hot summer days, the beach, short tops and Spanish tunes. If we had to name a place where you see the most boho jewelry and bohemian outfits, we would of course choose Coachella or another big festival! Here you will find blouses with striking prints, tie-dye prints, large skirts and the most funky accessories. Because of the bright colors and beads in small and large sizes, bohemian jewelry is perfect for summer festivals. But the boho jewelry is of course not only designed to be worn at busy festivals. You will also find the theme ‘Bohemian’ or ‘Boho chic’ more and more often on other occasions, such as weddings and dinner parties. That is of course not for nothing: who doesn’t love this style full of creative summer vibes?

More Inspiration

Are you completely in love with this style? Then it might be time to bring these cheerful vibes into your home too! Think of our Feng Shui accessories, which would help the energy in your home flow better. And with a Mandala Tapestry or Dream Catchers on the wall and Lotus Mood Lights on the table, you can complete your Boho oasis. You’ll never want another home style! Your Boho inspiration starts with Spiru.