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Crystal Combinations – Extra Energy with Gemstone Teamwork

By Maggie 18 August 2022
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Combining gemstones, how do you do that? Everyone has a different way of working with gems and that’s true of combining crystals as well! Find some handy tips for finding your gemstone dream team here.

raw and tumbled gemstone mix

Combing Gemstones

What are the best crystal combinations? That’s a good question and one that can be tricky to answer. When it comes to combinations, crystals have no fixed rules. Just as the action of a single gemstone is different for everyone, the same is true of combinations. However, one thing is always important; choose gemstones that suit you. Good crystal combinations for you won’t always be perfect matches for someone else. Listen carefully to your intuition, because it’s the best judge of your personal good vibes!

Why Not All Gemstones Combine Well

Everything in nature gives off a kind of vibration with a certain energy. When carrying or holding a stone you can take over its energetic vibration and vice versa, the stone takes over yours. Carrying stones with different vibrations together can disrupt things. That is why it is good to know what the different gemstones do, so that the stones do not negatively influence each other or cancel each other’s effect.

gemstone cluster mix

How Many Gems Can You Combine?

There are also no fixed rules for how many gemstones are helpful. Usually one gem is enough to help you through any given day, but sometimes you may want to try a combination of gems. Go with your gut and give it a try! However, when you’re just starting out, it’s better that you do not combine a grounding stone like Red Jasper with a stone for the upper chakras, such as the Selenite. Their energy can be a bit complex together. If you are not sure, you could first wear the stones separately so that you know what effect each has on you. Often a maximum of three stones is used and for young children, wearing several stones at the same time may be a bit heavy physically and overwhelming spiritually. If you still want to use more than three gems, you can alternate them regularly.

Powerful Gemstones Combinations

If you would still like to know which gemstones you could wear with each other, there are a few natural gemstone combinations. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Gems from the same family or group
  • Minerals and gemstones found together in nature
  • Gemstones that have the same structure
  • Gemstones with the same color

Same Group or Family

The same family? Yes! Gemstones that come from the same group usually go well together. Just like A Green Tourmaline could go well with Black Tourmaline, so too do gemstones from the quartz family go well with each other. You’ve probably even already heard of one of these combinations: the Golden Triangle of Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst!

golden triangle gemstones raw

Stones Found Together in Nature

Gemstones and minerals that are found close to each other in nature could also make a good team. Examples include Tourmaline with Quartz, Quartz and Calcite, Blue Chalcedony and Rock Crystal or Ruby and Zoisite. Using this rule, you can even combine Pyrite with Turquoise.

Gemstones with a Similar Structure

You can usually also combine stones with similar structures. Clear, transparent stones could influence a person’s spiritual side. According to many, the Amethyst-Rock Crystal gemstone combination has a strong influence on spiritual insight and purity. Semi-transparent stones are known for their effect on emotions. According to experts, you can combine Chalcedony with Moonstone for a fertile connection. Stones that do not transmit any light at all could have a strong effect on the body. For example, Pyrite and Hematite together would have an overall positive influence on the body and nervous system.

Combining Gemstones by Colors

The color of the gemstones often says something about the energy and the effect. When you combine Gemstones Based on Color, there is a good chance that they go to work on the Chakras. For example, red, yellow, and orange stones are usually known as activating stones, and stimulate the lower more grounding chakras ( Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) while purple-blue stones are seen as calming and work on the upper more spiritual chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Crown). Finally, gemstones with a green color could have a harmonizing effect, and thus are perfect for the Heart Chakra, which acts as a connection between the upper and lower energy points.

Storing Gemstone Mixes

There is a difference between wearing gems for their effect and just storing them. If you like to collect stones, you naturally want to put them together in a nice place. This would not affect the energy of the stone, even if they’re not usually good matches. According to some, you would only notice the effect of the stone if you consciously put it together or carry it with you with a purpose. So feel free to make a nice gemstone display, it won’t hurt anything.

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How to Combine Gems in Jewelry

You often see that people combine gemstones in a bracelet or necklace. A combination you often see is Ruby and Diamond, because Diamond would enhance the effect of other gems. Jewelry with the Golden Triangle is also popular. Really, you can wear any stones at the same time as long as it feels right to you. Maybe you’re not sure how to pick a gemstone? Then check out our Blog on how to Find Which Gemstone Suits Me. If you still want to start from the ‘rules’ for combining, then first choose which single gemstone best suits you. Start from there and then check with our rules above, and check which stones could be a good match!

You Can Combine These Gemstones With Almost Everything

Some stones could have a strengthening effect on other gems. This mainly concerns the Rock Crystal and Diamond, but also the White Topaz and Rutile Quartz. According to enthusiasts, these combine well with almost any other stone!

More Gemstones at Spiru

You may still be wondering: Which gemstone suits me? You can look at your Birthstone or read our handy guide Which Gemstones are Helpful at Home. Don’t forget to cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals regularly. If you need help with that check out our Basic Tips to Care for Your Gemstones. Now that you know all the ins and outs, go ahead and have some fun with it. Maybe even use your own personal combinations to make some Spiritual Jewelry. What would you pair with Amethyst? Do you have a perfect match in mind for the spunky gemstone Tiger’s Eye? Or make a cheerful combination with colorful Labradorite. There are endless possibilities.

Which Combination Are You Going to Try?

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