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Gemstones by Colour: Use the Colour in your Advantage

By Marije 27 July 2020
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Have you always wanted to pick a gemstone, but didn’t know how to? Gemstones can be chosen by colour. This blog is here to help you out!


Gemstones are all believed to have a different function. Some are believed to be particularly good for spiritual growth, others for the improvement of communication. However, it is also possible to choose gems by their colour. It is an easier way of working with the energy. Each colour has its own symbolism and Chakra it is linked to. Want to know more about the Names Of Gemstones By Colour? Keep reading this blog!

List Of Gemstones By Colour

Mother nature has given us all kinds of gemstones. In this blog you can find gemstones listed by colour, so that you can pick a gemstone that suits your needs.

Red Gemstone

The colour red is symbolic for love, passion, strength, sexuality, leadership, anger, danger, stress, and determination. The colour is assertive, energetic, and impulsive. It is believed that the warmth it radiates can be noticed from miles away. Red gemstones are also linked to the Root Chakra.

Below is a list of well-known red gemstones with their purported characteristics:

  • Agate – is believed to help with courage
  • Carnelian – purportedly helps with calming down (for example, after an argument)
  • Red Jasper – is believed to help increase body awareness
  • Grenade – is said to help with perseverance
  • Ruby – purportedly provides protection and joy

gemstones by color red

Orange Gemstone

The colour orange is a mixture of the energy associated with red and yellow. It is symbolic for joy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, freedom, stimulation, happiness, and balance. The colour is joyful and creative. Orange is believed to potentially help a person recover from disappointments. Studies have shown that the colour could even increase one’s hunger. Orange gemstones are linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Orange gemstones are said to potentially help balance the Chakra. An orange gemstone could be beneficial for everyone. Below there is a list of popular orange gemstones and what they are believed to symbolise:

  • Orange Calcite – stands for positivity
  • Orange Aventurine – is believed to bring clarity and joy
  • Amber – purportedly increases motivation
  • Sunstone – is believed to bring you luck

Yellow Gemstone

The colour yellow is the colour of sunshine, hope, freshness, clarity, energy, loyalty, intellect, and optimism. Its meaning is very similar to that of the colour orange. The yellow colour shines bright, just like the sun. The colour is often used to draw attention. For example, the taxi cabs in New York are yellow for that reason. The Solar Plexus Chakra is linked to this colour.

Yellow gemstones, such as yellow diamonds or yellow sapphires, are believed to support this Chakra. If you place a yellow gemstone on the Chakra, it is believed to help open it up. Below is a list of commonly bought yellow gemstones and their purported effects:

  • Citrine – is said to help with success
  • Pyrite – is believed to protect against all forms of negativity
  • Yellow Fluorite – purportedly stimulates creativity
  • Heliodor – is believed to help with trust issues

Green Gemstone

Green is often associated with Mother Nature. This colour represents life, nature, harmony, fertility, environment, and money. The colour green could affect us mentally and physically. It is believed that the colour might possibly even alleviate anxiety. Like with the colour red, there are phrases associated with the colour green. For example, ‘green-eyed monster’, ‘green with envy’, and ‘green thumb’. This colour is linked to the Heart Chakra.

Green gems can be split into two groups. The traditional green crystals and teal gemstones. Teal is a green, blueish colour that may have the effects of both the colours green and blue. We have listed some green and teal gemstones, followed by their purported effects:

Green Gemstones

  • Jade – is believed to bring you luck
  • Malachite – is said to help with strengthening empathy
  • Chrysoprase – is believed to make one less dependent on love
  • Aventurine – purportedly helps with calmness

Teal Gemstones

  • Indicolite – is believed to help let go of feelings
  • Chrysocolla – is said to help reduce the pain of a heartache

Blue Gemstone

Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, is associated with freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, wisdom, and faith. A lot of blue gemstones are believed to help develop communication. Similar to other colours, blue is used in phrases. For example, ‘feeling blue’, ‘out of the blue’, and ‘true blue’. It is no surprise that The Throat Chakra is linked to the colour blue.

Blue gemstones can be subdivided in different categories based on colour, for example: light blue gemstone, cyan gemstone, and turquoise gemstone. The purported effects of the gemstones are:

Blue Gemstones

  • Lapis Lazuli – is believed to support your intuition
  • Aquamarine – purportedly helps with clairvoyance
  • Chalcedony – is believed to offer comfort

Light Blue Gemstone

  • Calcite – is said to support communication in general

Cyan Gemstone

  • Amazonite – is believed to help bring balance
  • Topaz – purportedly supports mental development

Turquoise Gemstone

  • Turquoise – is believed to help with self-expression, believed to be particularly good for writers

Purple Gemstone

Purple, the colour of spirituality. It combines the effects of the colours red and blue. Purple is bold and is therefore not for everyone. The colour symbolises royalty, power, ambition, wisdom, pride, mystery, and magic. Just like blue, it is a colour that rarely appears in nature. It is associated with spirituality, our higher selves, and the Third Eye. Therefore, the colour purple is linked to the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

Purple gemstones can differ in colour, ranging from a violet gemstone to an indigo gemstone. Beware, as there aren’t a lot of purple gemstones. These are the effects these gemstones are believed to have:

Purple Gemstones

  • Amethyst – is believed to potentially help with opening the Third Eye
  • Charoite – is said to help with spiritual growth
  • Purple Fluorite – is believed to help with self-determination

Indigo Gemstones

  • Sodalite – may help with patience
  • Tanzanite – could potentially support angelic communication

Violet Gemstones

  • Violet Sapphire – is believed to help with creating calmness

amethyst cluster

Pink Gemstone

Pink is a delicate colour that symbolises sweetness, playfulness, romance, femininity, and tenderness. It is the colour of universal love, often also associated with Valentine’s Day. It also can represent friendship. Pink is not linked to a Chakra. Pink gems are:

  • Pink Agate – purportedly helps provide security
  • Pink Tourmaline – is believed to increase compassion
  • Pink Sapphire – is said to potentially increase trust

White Gemstone

White is seen as a positive colour, symbolising purity, innocence, light, heaven, safety, beginning, and spirituality. In the media, the colour white is associated with all that is good. There are a few phrases for this colour, for example ‘white as snow’, ‘white flag’, ‘white knight’, and ‘white elephant’. White gemstones are often linked to guardian angels. Some common white gemstones and their purported effects are:

  • Clear Quartz – is believed to purify a room and person
  • White Jade – linked to spiritual growth
  • Moonstone – is believed to potentially help with fertility

Black Gemstone

Black symbolises mysteriousness, the unknown, seriousness, strength, and formality. It is even said to affect the mind, because it is believed to boost your confidence. Below is a list of black gemstones and what they represent:

  • Tourmaline – is believed to provide protection
  • Smokey Quartz – is said to help reduces stress
  • Onyx – is believed to help with focus

Brown Gemstone

Brown is the colour of nature, wood, stone, grounding, warmth, and honesty. It is believed it could affect the body and the mind, creating peace within. It is said to create a wholesome feeling and a connection with the earth. Brown gemstones are:

  • Aragonite – represents balance
  • Tiger Eye – represents confidence
  • Bronzite – represents grounding

Grey Gemstone

Grey is often considered a boring color, but grey gemstones can be lively and beautiful. They are associated with high-tech, modern, glamourous, graceful and sophisticated. A grey gemstone can represent hope, unconditional love, meditation, and kindness. Grey gemstones are:

  • Labradorite – is used to boost confidence and perseverence
  • Hematite – is believed to give you courage and strength
  • Rutile Quartz – represents freedom and space

9 gemstones

More Gemstones

Gemstones can also be chosen intuitively. Your intuition may guide you towards the right stone. Crystals that can be used by everyone are Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. Together they form the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’. This trio is believed to potentially bring balance into every household. Selenite is believed to charge others with positive energy. Therefore, it cannot be missed in a crystal collection. All crystals are available at Spiru!

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