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Rock Crystal

The gemstone Rock Crystal is a pure and neutral semiprecious stone and, according to gem enthusiasts, could have a great healing effect. This powerful effect of Rock Crystal could also be used for soothing ailments, energetic therapy, and spiritual work. The stone could cleanse, purify, and enhance its environment as well, making it a popular stone for gemstone therapy. The stone could regulate, absorb, give and store energy. In addition, this pure effect could have a positive effect on the chakras and the aura.

What is Rock Crystal? Rock Crystal Stone Meaning

Rock Crystal quartz is found around the world and is a pure, clear quartz. It appears from completely transparent with a vitreous sheen to milky white due to small trapped air bubbles. White Rock Crystal quartz is also called Milk Quartz or Snow Quartz. While white rock crystal is very common, the transparent version is the most popular.

In the past, the Greeks and Romans thought that the Rock Crystal looked like ‘eternally frozen water’ meaning Rock Crystal was associated with pure clear water. It was also seen as a very precious stone that could bring good luck when entering a temple.

Connected to Energy

Energy is one with Rock Crystal, meaning that this crystal has a strong influence on the energies and vibrations around it. Because this quartz is so pure and neutral, it could energize and regulate and influence other gemstones and enhance their effect. It is often even used to Charge Gemstones that have lost some of their effect. The stone could also let energy flow, making it a good energy conductor. The purity and transparency of the stone makes it seem as if it reflects its own pure energy.

The Name of this Crystal Clear Quartz

The original name ‘crystal’ comes from the Greek word ‘krystallos’, which means ice. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that rock crystal was petrified ice. The word ‘mountain’ or ‘rock’ was added in the nineteenth century, so that a distinction could be made between the mineral crystal and the crystal from which glasses are made. The name quartz is said to come from the Slavic word ‘kwady’, which means ‘hard’.

In addition, special types of this quartz are offered under different names, such as azeztulite, satyaloka quartz or cathedral quartz. Each variant would have an energetic and its own effect. Azeztulite, for example, could help visualize and clear old patterns.

Rock Crystal Effect in the Spiritual Field

With its neutrality and purity, the gemstone would have a strong energetic power, with which it could enhance the action of other crystals. Some gemstones would work on one or just a few chakras. Rock crystal, on the other hand, could reduce and balance energetic blockages in All Seven Chakras. It could protect your energy field against negative radiation from telephones and computers, but also against negative energy from people around you. The stone may have a purifying and calming effect and could bring you into harmony and balance.

The stone could provide a clear mind, and help you get in touch with your own intuition. This could help you judge less and make better choices. It may also help with ‘seeing’ and developing clairvoyant gifts.

The Physical Functioning of Rock Crystal

The stone could have a clarifying effect. According to crystal experts, the stone would provide a clear mind and promote concentration. According to users and experts, the crystal can help with various complaints, such as:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual Complaints
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Inflammation

Rock Crystal Rough

In addition to cut and polished Rock Crystal, we also have raw gemstones that have little human influence on their structure. With a Raw Rock Crystal you stay as close as possible to the original energy, according to enthusiasts. For example you can buy Rock Crystal Geodes created millions of years ago as gas bubbles in liquid magma. By solidification, these bubbles remain trapped, causing silicic acid to flow in from the surface. After cooling, crystals form on the inner layer of the cavity. You can buy a Rock Crystal Geode or Rock Crystal Cluster to boost your energy, willpower and purpose. Read more about How Different Crystals Form in Our Blog.

Taking Care of Rock Crystal

The gemstone can be cared for in different ways. You can cleanse the stone of its absorbed negative energy by placing it in the moonlight at night with a waning moon. For a more intense cleansing, you can discharge the rock crystal in water and then place it on a piece of Amethyst or in an Amethyst geode. Read more about cleansing crystals in Our Blog on Basic Crystal Care. Charging can be done by charging the Rock Crystal in daylight or by placing it in a bowl with tumbled rock crystal or in an Abalone charging shell. In addition, you could use Rock Crystal charging stones to cleanse and charge other stones. Find out more about Recharging Crystals Here.

Rock Crystal Jewelry

At Spiru we have a beautiful and extensive collection of Spiritual Jewelry. For example, you can buy a complete Rock Crystal necklace from us, but you can also buy a separate Rock Crystal pendant. A pair of beautiful Rock Crystal earrings complete the look.If you’d rather get creative, we have a beautiful collection of Rock Crystal Beads and beading materials. When wearing this jewelry, it is recommended to rinse them with water at the end of the day, provided the metal of the jewelry can tolerate it.

More Gemstones at Spiru

Have you ever thought of giving away a Rock Crystal bracelet? A mala necklace of rock crystal is also always a good gift. Or would you rather buy a different type of gemstone than the Rock Crystal?

Then try the other Golden Triangle Gemstones Amethyst and Rose Quartz. For example, you could use the Golden Triangle to find balance, clarity and insight. This golden combination could also be used to purify spaces. Are you looking for gemstones that have a similar effect? Aquamarine is said to have a calming effect and, like clear quartz, can help clear the mind. For beautiful, affordable gemstones you have come to the right place at Spiru!