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The beautiful Ruby gemstone is common in crowns of kings and queens. Traditionally, all treasures in fairy tales and legends contain Ruby, as well as Emerald, Sapphire, or Diamond. Today, Rubies are widely supplied by countries in Southeast Asia. The specimens from Burma are especially popular because of their beautiful red color. The rubies from there, India and Sri Lanka can be found all over Europe, still mainly in crowns and other crown jewels. The stone is also widely used in gemstone therapy. Especially in recovery after surgery or illness, but also in exhaustion. This is because the gemstone is said to be blood-strengthening. The red color of the stone is associated with love, reproduction, and new life. In the past, the Ruby was seen as the mother of all gems, from which all other gems originated.

Ruby History

Ruby was already valued in the Bronze Age and often used as an ornamental stone. Much royal jewelry is enriched with beautiful, blood-red stones that are said to ensure good luck and fertility. Eastern belly dancers often wore the stone in their navels, because it was said to be aphrodisiac and enthusing. The ancient Greeks and Romans were also fond of the gemstone Ruby. They thought that it gave energy and strength and could help heal wounds. We can now conclude that many Rubies from that time are actually Spinel. The difference between the two is hard to tell because the luster and color of both stones is almost the same. The only difference is that the Ruby crystal is harder and denser in texture.

The Oldest Ruby

The oldest and best known Ruby gem is the Chhatrapati Manik. It was often mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata, with texts dating back thousands of years. According to the stories, Sri Raja Bir Vikramaditya, king of a holy city in India, proclaimed himself Chhatrapati, also known as chief king. He demanded a crown decorated with nine precious stones, which symbolized the nine planets. The ruby ​​took the place of the sun, the most important place among the other planets. This stone was then called Chhatrapati Manik, which means ‘gem of the chief king’. This Ruby stone was last seen in London in 1934. It is currently unknown where he is.

Ruby Features

Ruby is part of the Korund family. Once this stone contains a trace of chromium, the stone becomes red and a ruby. This gemstone can vary from pink to dark red. Sometimes the stone is so dark red that it even appears black. In that case you can speak of black Ruby. In the past, the red stone was also called Carbuncle. The name carbuncle was then used for all pink to reddish stones, including Garnet and Tourmaline. They were thought to be all the same stones.

Distinguish Real Ruby from Fakes

Synthetic Ruby is often used for precision tools, such as in lasers. Under the microscope you can clearly see the difference between a real and a fake. The real stone contains inclusions such as rutile, gas and water vesicles. Synthetic Ruby has a very regular internal structure. Check out our Blog on Understanding Authentic Gems.

Name Ruby Meaning

It was not until the twelfth century that Ruby got its name. Before that it was called carbuncle. Ruby is derived from the Latin word ‘rubeus’, which means red. The meaning of this gem’s name is therefore ‘red’ or ‘red stone’. The name carbuncle is derived from the Latin word ‘carbunculus’, which means ‘coal fire’ or ‘glowing stone’. In Sanskrit, this gemstone is called ‘ratnaraj’ and ‘ratnanayaka’. You can deduce how important this stone was there, because it has the meaning ‘king of gems’, or ‘leader of gems’. The city of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka is also known as the ‘city of gems’. It is a historical site of Garnets and Rubies.

Ruby Gemstone Effect on the Spiritual Plane

Ruby belongs to all chakras, but especially to the bottom three: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus. Due to the composition and red color, it would also work on the Heart Chakra. In fact, because of its red color with a purple-blue hue, it is said to connect the Base Chakra with the Crown Chakra. The stone would make anything that runs slow go faster. Think of situations in which you seem to be stuck, but also of digestion or circulation. According to experts, it also protects against negative energy.

Ruby Gemstone Function Physically

Ruby would mainly work on the heart, spleen, adrenal glands, blood production and circulation. In general, according to experts, the stone ensures good blood circulation in the brain and is said to harmonize the hormone balance. That way the stone would regulate all organs. Furthermore, this dark red gemstone could also:

  • help with certain types of headaches.
  • help with resisting infections and strengthen the immune system.
    increase libido
  • provide energy, reduce severe fatigue and exhaustion and at the same time calm down in case of over-activity.
  • have a beneficial effect on gout.
  • stimulate the functioning of the intestines and counteract flatulence.
  • be good for skin, hair and nails.

Ruby Effect Emotional and Mentally

The blood red gem is said to make you strong-willed, motivated, and purposeful. The red color of the stone is strongly associated with the masculine; it would therefore strengthen these qualities. For this reason, it would be a fine stone if you are shy. Furthermore, it would improve concentration and make you have more fun. It would increase spontaneity and ensure that you dare to take the initiative more often. According to experts, it helps perfectionists to remain realistic and not to set the bar too high. It would also provide more dynamics, both in love and in the bedroom.

Ruby Jewelry

Our assortment is of course not complete without gemstone jewelry! That is why you can also buy Ruby stones from us in different types of jewelry:

  • Ruby Ring
  • Ruby Bracelet
  • Ruby Earrings

Ruby Ring

A beautiful way to always carry this red stone with you is a ring with ruby. You can wear it on your index, middle or ring finger, but also on your thumb. The thumb represents strength and purpose. Red gems fit in well with this.

Ruby Bracelet

Another way to take advantage of the action of this red rascal is a ruby ​​bracelet. You only have to look at your wrist and you are reminded of the special effect of the stone. What else do you want!

Gemstone Ruby Combinations

The gemstone is also often combined with other gemstones. This is how you often see:

  • Ruby in Zoisite
  • Ruby in Fuchsite

Ruby in Zoisite

The combination of Zoisite and Ruby occurs regularly. The Zoisite would soften the Ruby’s properties. This stone is said to enhance the sense of both individuality and belonging. Creativity, wisdom and spiritual growth would be promoted. According to enthusiasts, the stone is often used for reincarnation problems, because it would make contact with past lives easier. This combination stone could also give energy and help with sleeping problems. It is said to have a positive effect on the heart, spleen, genitals, endocrine system, and fertility.

Ruby in Fuchsite

This combination is an interesting one. According to experts, Fuchsite strengthens the effect of Robijn. Where Ruby would give strength, passion, and energy, Fuchsite is more known as an insightful stone that would enhance self-esteem and independence. Fuchsite is said to provide relaxation and soften your critical gaze. The combination stone is said to protect against negative energy and energy-sucking people and return positive energy. He would help you break through patterns and choose for yourself, without taking on a victim role. It could also give a clearer view of life, allowing you to see things better from a distance. This will help you to accept difficult situations better. According to experts, this stone makes you resilient, even under difficult circumstances. On a physical level, it could have a positive effect on blood circulation, help against infections and calm the nerves.

Ruby Zodiac Signs

The red color is associated with fire, strength and passion. It is therefore not surprising that the stone would especially suit people with the zodiac sign Aries, Leo and Scorpio. But the other constellations that could perhaps use some of this fire would also benefit from this stone. It just depends on what you need!

More Gems like Ruby

Do you love the blood red color of this stone? Then we have good news, because our assortment has been enriched with all kinds of red stones. In addition to Ruby, we also have Garnet, which would work just as well on blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Red Jasper could give you perseverance and self-esteem. Finally, there is Rhodonite, a beautiful stone that experts say gives courage and hope.