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Selenite is not truly a gemstone, but a crystalline form of gypsum with a fibrous structure. Another variant is the desert rose. Because of its beautiful shine, the Selenite stone is also called Satin Spar. This glare or light reflection is slit-shaped. This is also known as the cat’s eye effect. The white variant is the most popular, but the mineral is also available in yellow, orange, and red and sometimes even in green and blue. When it is crystal clear, it is also called Maria Glass. Maria Glass consists of translucent sheets of selenite or alabaster. In the past, windows were made from this to protect statues of Mary in chapels along the road.

Where is Selenite Found

Selenite is found everywhere. In the United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, and Poland. But also in neighboring countries such as Germany, France, and England. Sometimes giant crystals are found. Selenite crystals more than ten meters long, four meters wide and weighing at least fifty tons have been found in the Cueva de los Cristales cave in Mexico!

Selenite Stone Meaning

The mineral is named after the Greek moon goddess Selene known to the Romans as Luna. In Greek mythology she is the sister of the sun god Helios and Eos, the goddess of dawn. The name Selena means ‘the Shining One’.

History of the Selenite Gemstone

Over the centuries, Gypsums have been a popular building material. As early as ancient Egypt, delicate figurines and utensils such as vases, bottles and bowls were made from alabaster. In ancient Greece, gypsum was mixed with lime to form a kind of cement, and in Italy this material has been found in the remains of Pompeii and the Tower of Pisa. During the Baroque and Rococo, Gypsums were used to decorate walls and ceilings. Later it was used as Maria Glass, to protect Mary statues along the road. Selenite crystals were also used as baptismal amulets in Germany. Furthermore, the Selenite uses also include making beads for jewelry that helped as a medicine against ailments and skin diseases.

Spiritual Effect of Selenite

Selenite properties, such as its special vibration, have built a reputation as a very spiritual stone. The white or transparent variants in particular could have a powerful effect. These can be used on all chakras, but are especially suitable for the upper chakras, the third eye and the crown chakra. The yellow variant belongs to the solar plexus. The mineral is known as the angel stone as it is said to help you connect with angels. When you work a lot with this Gypsum stone, your intuition would be enhanced and the clairvoyance, hearing, feeling, and knowing would be enhanced through the special Selenite crystal properties. During meditation, it is said that you could get a mind clear enough to allow you to travel to other times and dimensions. The stone could also cleanse your aura.

Selenite Effect on an Emotional Level

Selenite is a stone that would always help you see the bright side of things. According to enthusiasts, it is a stone that helps you to think positively and make you happy. It is also thought to help process traumas, both from this life and from past lives. Furthermore, it would help you find peace and balance, help you to keep control over yourself and keep calm. By holding a rod in each hand and pointing the tip downwards, stress and fatigue would be dissipated and any emotional imbalance absorbed by the Selenite crystal, meaning that your emotional harmony is restored.

Possible Physical Function Selenite

According to gemstone experts, Selenite absorbs emotional imbalance and waste from the body and aura. A tumbled stone in the pocket could reduce obesity caused by digestive disorders. The mineral is said to have a strong purifying effect on the nervous system, also on the brain, and mind. Like moonstone, it could also have a positive effect on pregnancy and just after childbirth. Furthermore, according to the theory, Selenite has a very strong effect on your calcium balance. It would help you get strong and flexible bones and muscles.

Different Types of Selenite Gemstone

Due to its low hardness, the stone is easy to work with. You will find this Gypsum in all kinds of shapes and sizes:

  • Selenite bracelet or necklace: to always carry with you
  • Selenite massage rod: for pressure points, massage and therapy
  • Selenite tumbled or pocket stone: to carry and hold in your pocket
  • Selenite iceberg: to put down, e.g. in the middle of your gems
  • Selenite (charging) rod: to hold while meditating and ideal for placing small stones on
  • Selenite sphere: for balanced energy in a room

Selenite Charging Stone Care

According to experts, this stone is self-cleansing. A Selenite geode or charging rod can even be used for charging other gemstones and crystals. According to some, you don’t have to cleanse or charge it, but you can of course if you like. If you decide to do this anyway, clean it with Singing Bowls, Smudge or the Full Moon, for example. Make sure it never gets wet!

More Angel Stones

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