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Amethyst is a purple quartz that Forms All Over the World. You can find this mineral in South America, as well as in the United States, Asia and Africa. Well-known suppliers of Amethyst crystals are, for example, Brazil, Uruguay, China, India and Zimbabwe. Over the centuries, this mineral has taken a prominent place among gemstones. It represents connection with the Higher Universe and often throughout history has decorated countless royals, religious leaders, and people of nobility. Although it used to be reserved for cardinals and kings, today Amethyst is popular with both novice and advanced gemstone users. Here you can read more about the special background story of Amethyst. You will also find information about the use of this special quartz. This way you can buy Amethyst and get started quickly with your personal and purple stone!

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a mineral from the quartz family. This purple crystal is often incorrectly called an Amethyst gemstone, but it is actually a semiprecious stone. Although everyone knows what you mean, real connoisseurs use the term quartz or mineral. If you want to get specific, then Amethyst is a macrocrystalline quartz, comparable to its well-known friends Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, and Citrine. These stones consist of relatively large crystals. This of course in contrast to the microcrystalline minerals that – you guessed it – contain small crystals. Examples of minerals with a finer structure are, for example, Chalcedony and Chrysoprase.

What Color is Amethyst?

The Amethyst colors usually vary from a subtle lilac hue to a deep purple color. But did you know it can also be pink, blue, or even green in color? As we all know, purple consists of a combination of blue and red, each other’s opposites. The blue is usually explained by inclusions of manganese and titanium; the red undertone due to the presence of iron. The ratio of these two colors therefore creates the Amethyst color. When the stone contains more blue tones, the color is darker. A greater presence of red creates a softer lavender hue. If you spin a raw Amethyst in the light, you can sometimes see both colors in one crystal point. That’s called dichroism. It gives it a magical feeling!

Amethyst Stone in Other Processed Varieties

The gemstone Amethyst is also popular for processing into other variants. For example, if you fully heat Amethyst or Smoky Quartz, you will get a golden yellow stone called Lemon Quartz. Often those treated quartz variants are wrongly confused for Citrine. That is not correct at all; Citrine is a completely different type of stone and a lot more expensive than burnt Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. This also applies to Ametrine and Green Amethyst or Prasiolite. Both stones exist in unprocessed form, but are often imitated by heating Amethyst. The advantage of this is that synthetic Citrine, Ametrine, or Prasiolite are a lot less expensive than the real deal. Do you not have such a big budget but do you find these gemstones very beautiful? In that case, burnt Amethyst is a good alternative!

Purple Amethyst Meaning to the Greeks

The Amethyst Stone’s Meaning is not (a-) intoxicating (methysko). The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that this quartz helps people to not get drunk! They linked the purple mineral to Bacchus, the god of ecstasy who was worshiped at drinking and dancing parties. Not surprisingly, this is because the color of Amethyst is very reminiscent of grapes. The Greeks therefore thought that it was best to drink wine from a glass made of this purple quartz. According to the ancient Greeks you could also hold an Amethyst under your tongue or in your cheek with each sip, but we think it’s a better idea to just wear an Amethyst pendant on a night out. However you use it, according to the myth, amethyst allows you to remain clear in your head, even after a few glasses. Handy if you got caught up in a real bacchanal! If you still get a hangover, they also believed that the Amethyst effect could also soothe headaches.

Spiritual Meaning Amethyst and Effect Amethyst

According to many people, amethyst has a positive effect on mental and spiritual abilities. People often buy amethyst stones to help clear their heads. Not only because it would stimulate objective thinking, but also because it could calm busy thoughts. According to many traditions, amethyst therefore helps with distancing oneself from problems and creating clarity. It would, for example, provide support in breaking through addictions and other negative patterns.

What Does an Amethyst Do Physically?

But the Amethyst stone is also said to have an effect on other head related complaints such as (tension) headaches, migraines, restless feelings and sleeping problems. In addition, the quartz would help to connect with higher spheres, for example during work with auras, guides, angels, and other spiritual energies.

This is How Amethyst is Often Used

Beginners with crystals need an accessible gemstone like Purple Amethyst, meaning for novice gemstone users the energy is easy to access and use, and considered very mild. For example, according to experience experts, it serves as a good introduction to the functioning of gemstones. You will also find Amethyst in the well-known Golden Triangle Gemstones set, along with Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal. These three stones are often used together to create harmony. Many people therefore use this arrangement under their bed or put a loose Amethyst on their bedside table. You can also often find this mineral in work or study places for clear heads. So you can buy Amethyst to use energetically, but also for its calming color or symbolic meaning of insight and connection.

Buy Raw Amethyst

You can also buy Amethyst rough rather than polished or cut. Raw Gemstones are natural stones in their original state, which are often millions of years old. A raw stone is a conscious choice. For some, an unprocessed stone symbolizes pure natural power. If a gemstone is raw, it has not been processed and has an unaltered energy. Rough gems have a different value to many than Polished Gems. The energy of a cut gemstone or crystal would flow differently through the growth direction of the crystals. Just as plants grow towards the light, crystals also grow in a certain direction. Sharpening a gemstone would therefore change the direction of the energy. The original lines, shapes, layers, and veins are preserved in a raw Amethyst. Because there is little human influence interfering, you come as close as possible to the original energy. The raw Amethyst is often used in the form of the Golden Triangle for grids and arrangements.

Amethyst Chakra Stones

Amethyst has an indigo or purple color and is therefore associated with two chakras: the sixth and seventh chakras, also known as the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The Amethyst gemstone is a symbol for intuition and wisdom which matches these two chakras perfectly. According to the chakra teachings, the Third Eye sits between the eyebrows and knowledge arises here. Some people therefore place Amethyst Chakra Stone on their third eye while meditating. Pendulums are also often made of the purple quartz, because its clear energy helps us to look at situations without judgment and to see what is really important. Fans of the forehead chakra can therefore choose a beautiful Amethyst Pendulum before they start the Pendulum Dowsing. The Crown Chakra is associated with the lighter shade of violet. This color represents spirituality and connection with the higher energies in the universe. Bishop rings and other religious objects therefore often contain Amethyst. Very logical actually!

Amethyst Zodiac Sign

There is no such thing as an Amethyst constellation, but the purple quartz would suit constellations known for their intellectual or spiritual interests, such as Virgo, Pisces, and Aquarius. Virgo gets Amethyst because of his analytical talents and Pisces precisely for the reinforcement of intuition. For Aquarians, the Amethyst symbolizes the connection between all people. The mineral is therefore recommended as a support to feel more connection with the world and to make good use of the head. In addition, Amethyst is the Birthstone of the month of February!

How to Clean Amethyst of Negative Energy

Before you buy and use Amethyst, it can be useful to read some tips about Caring for Gemstones. According to experts, good care is necessary for a permanently strong gemstone energy. You can cleanse minerals in different ways, depending on the type of stone and what you like. You can also choose from various ways of charging Amethyst from our tips on Recharging Your Gemstones.

Amethyst Cleansing

You can cleanse Amethyst from negative energy by placing it in a bowl of Hematite stones. This is the most common way. Other ways to cleanse Amethyst are:

  • Place it under running water
  • Buried in the earth
  • Place in a bowl of rice or salt
  • Keep in the smoke of Palo Santo, Frankincense or White Sage

Amethyst Charging

Charging Amethyst can be done in different ways. With Amethyst it is especially important to know that sunlight is not recommended, because the stone will then fade. Also noteworthy is that according to many people, Amethyst Geodes serve as natural chargers. They are said to cleanse other Gems. You can charge Amethyst in the following ways:

  • In a bowl with rock crystal stones or geode
  • Place on a Selenite rod or in a Selenite tray
  • Laying in the moonlight

Jewelry Amethyst at Spiru

In our shop you can not only buy Amethyst in all shapes and sizes, you will also find various Amethyst Jewelry, such as an Amethyst bracelet. An Amethyst bracelet is a beautiful way to always carry this special stone with you. This way you are reminded of the spiritual power of the stone and yours, in everything you do! Do you prefer to wear other jewelry? Don’t worry, you can also buy an Amethyst necklace, Amethyst earrings, Amethyst rings or an Amethyst pendant at Spiru. For the creatives, there is even thought of Amethyst Beads. That way you will always find something that suits you. Your crystal journey starts with Spiru!