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You can buy Labradorite stones in many varieties. It can be colorless, gray, white and green. The polished variants often have a blue, green or yellowish sheen. In most cases the stone is yellow-blue on a gray background, but with luck it can also shine orange, red, or green. The play of colors has to do with the numerous plate-shaped inclusions, which refract the light. This is called labradorization or schiller effect.

Where Do Labradorite Gemstones Come From?

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral. These can be found in many places around the world. You can think of cold countries such as Canada, Greenland, Russia or Finland. But this stone can also be found in countries such as Italy, America, Mexico and Madagascar. It is one of the national stones of Finland. This country supplies a variant of Labradorite that shows a fiery variegated play of colors. Here you can mainly buy the colorful variant Spectrolite. It gets this name because it seems as if the entire spectrum of colors can be seen in the stone. This variant was first discovered in the twentieth century.

Special Variants of Labradorite Crystals

Spectrolite is a Labradorite type from Finland with even more color variation than the more common Labradorite crystal. Gold Labradorite is transparent with a golden yellow color. Hypersthene is also called Velvet or Velvet Labradorite, but it is not a real variant of this beautiful stone.

Labradorite – Where the Name Comes From

Labradorite gets its name from one of the earliest sites where it was found, the Labrador Peninsula in Eastern Canada. The name Spectrolite is derived from the word spectrum, which is a reference to the multicolored nature of the stone.

Labradorite Meaning to the Inuit

The stone was first discovered by the ancient Inuit people of Canada. Through the colors of the stone, the indigenous people associated it with the Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis. This stone was also known as ‘the frozen fire’. They wore Labradorite because they believed that it:

  • Protected against negative influences
  • Could improve the connection with the spiritual world
  • The power of the Northern Lights could guide

Labradorite for Highly Sensitive Persons

People who are highly sensitive would benefit from wearing a Labradorite stone as jewelry or in the pocket when going to crowded places. A Labradorite Pendant could close off the aura and solar plexus from negative energies of others. This would allow them to stay closer to themselves.

Properties Labradorite Gemstone on a Spiritual Level

In gemstone therapy, Labradorite is mainly used as a protector against negative influences from other people who may be sucking up a lot of energy. Furthermore, the stone would also:

  • Fill in the missing colors in your aura.
  • Be able to work on all chakras because of the many different colors. Mainly this one is yellow and blue, which would make it work best on the solar plexus chakra or the throat chakra. It is also used on the forehead chakra. Purple labradorite is used on the crown chakra in meditation as it may promote spiritual growth.
  • Be able to help you stay true to yourself under all circumstances.
    The stone can be used by all zodiac signs, but is especially associated with the Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Effect Labradorite on Emotional and Mental Wellness

In general, this multicolored gemstone is known for protecting you, calming you and helping you deal with stressful emotions. But because the Labradorite comes in so many different colors, it could also work in different ways:

  • The yellow variant could work on the solar plexus chakra, giving it light and warmth and teaching you to stand up for yourself.
  • According to experts, the green Labradorite gives a sense of justice.
  • The blue stone is said to work on the throat chakra, allowing it to promote your communication skills, creativity, flexibility and insight.
  • When the stone appears with a red color, it is said to work mainly on the root chakra, which could help ground you and become active and purposeful.
  • The orange variant could help to process emotions, give feelings space and make you happy.

Labradorite Effect on the Body

According to the gem theory, the blue variant would act on the pituitary gland, so that it would have a positive effect on complaints related to the hormone balance, such as menstrual or menopausal complaints. The stone could also help with insomnia. According to some users, the stone works against complaints related to bones and joints. Carrying the stone with you regularly could reduce the symptoms. The yellow or orange variant of this gemstone could have a positive effect on digestion and bowel movements. According to enthusiasts, the blue variant could help with voice and throat complaints, respiratory complaints or lung problems. Always consult a doctor with such problems.

Labradorite Jewelry

Because it is such a beloved stone, it is often used in jewelry and other beautiful objects. Thanks to its relative softness, it is a suitable stone for processing into jewelry, but also into bowls and dishes. Some enthusiasts even have the stone in their home on wall and floor tiles, countertops or sinks. To carry the stone with you, you can choose from:

  • Labradorite pendant
  • Labradorite ring
  • Labradorite bracelet
  • Labradorite necklace

If you want to buy a bracelet with Labradorite or other jewelry, keep in mind that the different colors determine which effect is strongest. Or buy Spectrolite jewelry to stimulate all of the Colors of Your Chakras

Labradorite Stone Care

The stone can be cleaned and charged in all ways. For tips, read our blog with Basic Tips for Caring for Gemstones.

How You Can Use the Gemstone Labradorite

You can carry this beautiful stone on or near the body when you go to crowded places. This way he could protect you against negative outside influences. You can also put a larger Labradorite in a room as a protector. You could also meditate with it by placing it on the corresponding chakra, or by simply holding it in your hand.

More Gems for HSP

As you know by now, the stone would be extremely suitable for highly sensitive people. Are you highly sensitive? Then take a look at other gemstones that could help you, such as Celestine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Chrysocolla or Citrine. Rock solid energy starts with Spiru!